Spotlight: Beach Blast Rentals Offers More Than Just Fun Beach Supplies

Beach Blast Rentals Offers More Than Just Fun Beach Supplies

The people of St. Pete Beach know Beach Blast Rentals as a source for fun vehicles and beach supplies. But the company’s mission actually goes much deeper. In this week’s Small Business Spotlight, read about the rental company and its unique mission.

What the Business Does

Provides recreational rentals St. Pete Beach, FL.

The company offers Polaris Slingshots, Jeep Gladiators, motorized scooters, bicycles, beach umbrellas and more.

Business Niche

Providing exceptional service.

In fact, the company has obtained more than 100 reviews in just four months of service. They attribute this to their simple service approach.

Owner Ryan Robbins told Small Business Trends, “We believe in treating people like friends and family.”

How the Business Got Started

By turning around a failing business.

Robbins was looking for a business in the area to purchase. He came across a failing rentals business and purchased it from the previous owner. The last owner struggled with operations. But the idea was solid. So Robbins was able to turn it around quickly.


Biggest Win

Thriving during a pandemic and recession.

Biggest Risk

Investing in new equipment during an uncertain time.

Robbins says, “We bought the business 2 months before covid hit. We just bought new equipment at that time. We had to adjust our strategy and create an online platform that made it possible to conduct business from my home location during shutdown.”

Lesson Learned

Research before you buy.

Now that he’s running the business, Robbins believes he paid too much in the initial purchase.

He says, “I should have done more diligence in the buying process. I let excitement overtake me.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Getting finances in order.

Robbins explains, “I would pay off debts so we can actually thrive during these slow times!”

Company Mission

Supporting an organization that helps people rebuild their lives.

Robbins says, “What is great about our company is our purpose! Part of everything I do goes towards making The Reset Foundation exist!”

This is a very personal mission for Robbins.

He adds, “Two years ago I was on FB creating a Go Fund Me begging for money for a roof over our head. I never give up and am creating something so awesome with Beach Blast Rentals and Foundation!”

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Images: Beach Blast Rentals, Ryan Robbins

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