Office Relocation Could Benefit 68% of Your Employees

6 Benefits of Office Relocation

A new survey from Clutch reveals an office relocation has a positive effect on 68% of employees. This is not surprising because most relocations are made to improve current conditions.

The employees in the survey say the benefits of a new location are more comfort (67%) and space (61%). With these improvements, workers are more likely to feel positive and get inspired, which in turn can increase productivity levels.

The problem for small businesses is, they can’t always afford to move to a bigger or better location. So, they have to find creative ways to make their office feel new while continuing to inspire their employees. But if a move is happening, it is important to take the needs of employees and logistics into consideration.

Kristen Herhold, who wrote the report, says “Businesses looking to move office spaces should take employee desires into account when choosing the new location. They should also be communicative and open to feedback, which will help make the transition to a new office space go smoothly.”

Getting Ready for the Move

According to respondents in the survey, 67% find office relocation a challenge and another 30% say it is a distraction. Commute (28%), loss of productivity (20%), and a less desirable location (18%) are also serious considerations for employees.

5 Challenges of Office Relocation

In order to avoid the challenges, Herhold suggests for businesses to take the time to collect feedback. This will reduce the stress associated with the move and make the transitions period more manageable after the move.

Additionally, business owners can take the input from employees to make a more informed decision about the location, timeline and other details. It may not be possible to accommodate everyone, but it is possible to find good middle ground.

Making the Move

After getting the input from your employees, find a commercial real estate company to address as many of their concerns as possible.

The right company will help you negotiate with property managers, understand the moving process, the time it takes, and make you more informed about the location you are moving in to.

Benefits of Office Relocation

As to the benefits of the new location, comfort and larger space are on top of the list. A visually appealing space (50%), improved productivity (48%), better location (48%), and more enjoyable coming to the office (48%) followed.

6 Benefits of Office Relocation

What to do if You Can’t Afford to Move

The benefits of moving to a new and better space are clear, but it is not always possible. This is especially the case for struggling small businesses. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make changes in your current space to spruce things up.

According to research by Viking, the simple act of hanging artwork in an office made 53% of employees happy. Another 54% say art should be in every workplace.

You can further improve the space with a new coat of paint, better lighting, some new furniture, and tidying up.

Unless you really need more space, these changes can have the same benefits of a new space without the cost. Like the recommendation Herhold makes about getting input for the move, make sure to involve your employees in choosing the color scheme, type of artwork, furniture, and other changes.

The Survey

For the survey Clutch asked 503 full-time employees across the U.S. These are workers who took part in a relocation in the past 10 years of their employment.

The respondents were made up of 61% female and 31% male workers in an urban area (50%), suburban area (38%), and a rural area (11%).

You can read the full Clutch report here.


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