Best Backdrop for Video Calls

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More people are working remotely and when it comes time to talk, a video call is increasingly the preferred method. And if you want to look professional when you are on a video call, having a good backdrop goes a long way.

The background in your video calls is a representation of who you are. If it is clean, organized and it doesn’t distract from the conversation, your peers will appreciate your effort. Not only that, but it helps everyone focus on the conversation at hand.

Without the distraction of unwanted items or clutter in the background, you can do your job more effectively. The backdrops on this list will showcase the most important aspect of a video call, you.

Best Backdrop for Video Calls


Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen - Collapsible chroma key panel for background removal with auto-locking frame, wrinkle-resistant chroma-green fabric

Top Pick: This backdrop is ideal for tight spots while the green screen allows you to create virtually any background you want. The screen comes with a collapsible chroma key panel that auto-locks for easy management. The fabric is made with wrinkle-resistant polyester. It comes with a nifty pneumatic x-frame that automatically locks the screen in place. Moreover, you can retract the backdrop into the hard case and store it easily. It extends to 58.27 x 70.87 inches and has a sturdy aluminum frame.

Elgato Green Screen with collapsible chroma key panel for background removal with auto-locking frame

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Yeele Bookcase Backdrop

Yeele Bookcase Backdrop 5x5ft , 1.5 X 1.5M Wooden Bookshelf

Runner Up: Yeele’s bookcase backdrop provides a comfortable and familiar setting for video calls. It offers privacy and prevents distractions from cluttered backgrounds. This backdrop comes in at 7 x 5 feet and it is made with vinyl that is non-toxic, acid-free, recyclable, and weighs just 0.33 pounds. Optional sizes also come in 5 x 3 feet; 5 x 4 feet; 6 x 4 feet; and 7 x 5 feet. The material is non-reflective to help minimize light reflection and it is also fade resistant.

This Computer-printed backdrop is ideal for different still and video backgrounds. And the company provides a wide range of images covering numerous themes.

Yeele Bookcase Backdrop Wooden Bookshelf Books Library Artistic Portrait Photoshoot Photography Background

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Westcott X-Drop 3-Pack Backdrop Kit

Westcott X-Drop 3-Pack Backdrop Kit (5 Inch x 7 Inch ) Quick Assemble

Best Value: With three 5’X7’ portable background as part of the deal, Westcott delivers a great value. The black, white, and gray backdrops are water-resistant, washable, and reflection-free. And they come with a collapsible aluminum stand that weighs under 3 lbs. with a durable fabric case for compact storage and travel.

The X-Drop’s telescopic frame expands to 5′ x 7′ and locks into place. Backdrops attach to the X-Drop’s hooks via built-in grommets. You can complete the backdrop set up quickly and easily.

Westcott X-Drop 3-Pack Backdrop Kit (5′ x 7′) Quick Assemble, Portable Background

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Webaround Gen2 Portable Webcam Background

Webaround Fan Favorite Gen2 Portable Webcam Background

Webaround’s portable webcam background weighs just two pounds, so it is very portable. It fits snugly on most office, gaming and even dinning room style chairs and is available in blue, green and gray for a nice and clean webcam background. Made from polyester and steel, it is designed to quickly collapse and store. The dimensions are 52 x 1 x 52 inches, which is enough to adequately create a solid background.

Webaround Fan Favorite Gen2 Portable Webcam Background, 52 Inches

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Glass Window Photo Backdrop Office Viewing

5x3ft Glass Window Photo Backdrop Office Viewing New York City Side Photogrqaphy Background

If you want the iconic skyscrapers of NY City as your backdrop this is the way to go. Starting at 5’X3’ the company can make the image as large as 15’X10’. Made of vinyl, it provides high image quality and durability. And if NYC cityscape is not your cup of tea, the company offers many other images.

Glass Window Photo Backdrop Office Viewing New York City Side Photography Background

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Kate Collapsible Backdrop Blue Pink Popup Backdrop

Kate 5x6.5ft Collapsible Backdrop Blue Pink Popup Backdrop for Photography Foldable Backdrops for Photo Studio

At 5’X6.5’, this backdrop is double-sided with blue and pink colors. There are also other color combinations available from the company. A durable, collapsible metal spring frame inside the backdrop makes it easy to store in the packing bag.  Made from no wrinkle microfiber fabric, the color won’t fade.  And if you want to have a custom pattern print on it, the company providers the service.

Kate 5×6.5ft Collapsible Backdrop Blue Pink Popup Backdrop for Photography Foldable Backdrops

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Savage Vinyl Backdrop

Savage Vinyl Backdrop - Photo Gray, 5'x7'

Savage Universal is a company that has been providing paper backgrounds and photographic products since 1937. This matte finish vinyl backdrop is easy to hang and it provides a solid, flawless background while eliminating glare. It is easy to clean, and you can even cut it to fit the background in your office or other space.

Savage Vinyl Backdrop – Photo Gray, 5’x7′

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Features to Look for in Backdrops for Video Calls

  • Color: Choose colors that are easy on the eyes, such as blue, light gray, and soft white. Loud colors and patterns are distracting and they can also make it harder to see you clearly.
  • Material: Look for materials that are easy to roll and deploy for your background. Make sure to also choose materials that are easy to clean and are durable. If you have your company name/logo on it, get quality print that won’t fade or wash off when you clean it.
  • Size: The backdrop should be big enough to cover you entirely on all sides.
  • Retractable or permanent: If you choose a retractable backdrop, the mechanism for retracting the backdrop has to be strong. Look for a reputable company that offers some protection. A permanent backdrop is easy to use and will be there at a moment’s notice, but unless you have a dedicated office/space it can be distracting when not in use.
  • Ease of use: An easy to use backdrop will let you get on a video call quickly. Even if you have time, it should be easy to set up and get talking.


Your Video Call Protocol

If you are on a video call on a regular basis, set up a protocol to follow each time. This will ensure the people who talk to you get the best audio/visual experience when they interact with you.

Here are some steps you can follow to make this possible:

  • Dress as for an in-person meeting (this means top and bottom, you never know when you might have to suddenly stand up to get something).
  • Don’t have things that distract you on your desk (food, drinks, phone, or anything else). Keep your desk organized and have the things you need for the call at an arm’s reach. If the meeting is long, have some water away from the camera.
  • Try to have natural light. If it is not possible, side lighting will deliver the best image. And remember don’t mix both sources of light.
  • Place your camera just a little over your eye level and look at it during your call.
  • Your audio should turn off/mute when you are not speaking. And when you are ready to speak try to let the people in the call know by giving a visual signal. This helps avoid the on and off cutting that takes place in video calls.
  • Sit slightly back than you usually do at your desk. The goal is a mid-range image that includes your head at the top of your shoulders. Take pictures or record a video to find the sweet spot.
  • Don’t sit too close to your backdrop. If you have space, have at least four to six feet from the backdrop and make sure it covers the whole of your background.
  • If you can, try to have a room that is dedicated to your video calls.

The Importance of Video

Video is now part of the way we communicate at work and in our personal lives. Knowing what makes your calls appear professional each and every time is a skill set you must learn. And a good backdrop is just one of the tools you are going to need to make it happen.


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