10 Best Food Delivery Apps for your Small Restaurant or Franchise

best food delivery apps

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Food delivery apps have become a strong business model, reshaping the way the hospitality industry operates. The best food delivery apps allow customers to order food online, offering convenience and accessibility.

The evolution of technology in this sector has led to the development of new apps that enable consumers to order take-away food with more speed and efficiency than ever before. This shift towards digital ordering systems has been especially beneficial during times when traditional dining experiences were limited.

For restauranteurs and fast food chains, using food delivery apps brings a myriad of benefits. These platforms not only expand their customer reach but also streamline operations. One of the primary advantages is the ability to handle more orders, increasing revenue potential without the need for additional physical space.

The apps also improve ordering accuracy, reducing the likelihood of human error which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and wasted resources. Additionally, these apps often integrate loyalty programs, which are instrumental in ensuring customers keep returning.

By offering rewards and personalized deals, restaurants can foster a loyal customer base that is more likely to choose their service over competitors.

In short, using food delivery apps can help your restaurant, fast food chain, or catering business boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

However, the challenge lies in the plethora of options available. So which ones should restauranteurs use to help maximize ordering efficiency and achieve greater profits?

The key is to select apps that not only have a wide user base but also offer robust features like real-time tracking, easy menu integration, and effective marketing tools. Choosing the right app requires a balance between customer popularity and operational functionality, ensuring that the chosen platform aligns with the restaurant’s specific needs and goals.

best food delivery apps

Key Considerations in Choosing a Food Delivery App

When considering a food delivery app for your restaurant, it’s crucial to weigh various factors that will impact your business. Below are key considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate which app aligns best with your restaurant’s goals and operational style.

  • Delivery Time: Evaluate the average delivery time each app promises and its reliability.
  • Brand Recognition: Consider the popularity and customer trust in the app.
  • User Interface: Assess how easy it is for both your team and customers to use the app.
  • Cost: Understand the fees or commissions charged by the app.
  • Geographical Coverage: Ensure the app covers your restaurant’s location and target market area.
  • Integration with Current Systems: Check if the app integrates seamlessly with your existing order management system.
  • Customer Support: Look into the level of customer support provided by the app to both restaurants and customers.
  • Marketing and Exposure: Determine how well the app can help in marketing your restaurant to potential customers.

best food delivery apps

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Food Delivery Apps

In the bustling market of food delivery services, choosing the best apps involves assessing a range of factors that contribute to user experience, efficiency, and service quality.

In assisting restaurants in selecting the most suitable food delivery apps to enhance their service and reach, we use the following criteria, rated on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 indicates the highest level of importance and 1 the lowest.

  1. Market Reach and Customer Base
    • Importance Scale: 9/10
    • Rationale: Apps with a large customer base and wide market reach are essential for increasing a restaurant’s visibility and potential sales.
  2. Commission Fees and Pricing Structure
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: Reasonable commission fees and transparent pricing structures are crucial for maintaining profitability.
  3. Ease of Integration and Use
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: The ease with which the restaurant can integrate the app into their existing operations and the simplicity of use are important for smooth functionality.
  4. Delivery Efficiency and Reliability
    • Importance Scale: 9/10
    • Rationale: Efficient and reliable delivery services ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  5. Customer Support and Service
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: Strong customer support for both the restaurant and its customers can significantly impact the resolution of issues and overall service quality.
  6. Order and Payment Processing
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: Seamless order and payment processing systems are vital for a hassle-free customer experience and accurate sales recording.
  7. Marketing and Promotional Support
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: Apps that offer marketing and promotional tools can help restaurants increase their visibility and attract more customers.
  8. Data Analytics and Insights
    • Importance Scale: 6/10
    • Rationale: Access to data analytics and insights helps restaurants understand customer preferences and improve their offerings.
  9. User Interface and Customer Experience
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: A user-friendly interface for both the restaurant and the customer enhances the overall experience and efficiency.
  10. Customization and Branding Options
    • Importance Scale: 6/10
    • Rationale: The ability for a restaurant to customize its listings and maintain brand consistency is important for marketing and customer recognition.

By applying these criteria, we aim to guide restaurants toward choosing food delivery apps that not only expand their reach and sales potential but also align with their operational needs and customer service standards.

best food delivery apps

Best Food Delivery Apps

Take a look at the following 10 best food delivery apps. See how they can boost your income.

Amazon Prime Now Restaurant Delivery

Amazon Prime offers an online delivery service for restaurants and customers wanting takeout meals delivered to their door. Customers order a meal from you through the Prime Now Restaurant Delivery app. Then an Amazon delivery assistant will pick up the meal in an insulated bag and deliver it to your customer within a maximum time limit of one hour. Amazon has huge market reach and offers an easy interface for both restaurants and users.


Simply sign your business up with Seamless, set up your menu and start receiving orders through this popular food delivery app. By streamlining your takeout business with Seamless’s easy-to-use restaurant platform, you’ll tap into diners near you and can expect to see order volumes increase by more than 20%.


Set your menu up on the DoorDash app and the food delivery service will send you orders by computer, tablet or fax. The app takes care of your customers and logistics before, during and after delivery, meaning you can get on with doing what you do best, making delicious food thanks to this easy-to-use app. It also has one of the largest market reaches of any delivery app available.


Eat24 works in partnership with Yelp and is one of the biggest online food ordering services in the United States. Customers simply find your menu on the Eat24 app, place an order through the app or website and then Eat24 send you the order and you deliver it in your normal way.

Beyond Menu

Beyond Menu is a nationwide food delivery service that will put your restaurant in front of tons of hungry customers. Customers can leave reviews on the Beyond Menu app, which can prove to be effective in helping you gain more customers eager to try out your mouth-watering dishes.

Unlike other food delivery apps, Beyond Menu allows customers to make reservations for a sit-down meal, which can give your in-house sales a boost too.

best food delivery apps


According to GrubHub, you can boost your takeout revenue by up to 30% by using their order and delivery app. The app works by diners making an order for food from your restaurant. GrubHub then sends you the order via their restaurant platform, and a GrubHub driver or your own driver then delivers the order, whichever works best for you.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a leading food delivery app and is well-known and respected amongst consumers looking for a fast and reliable food delivery service to their door. Simply sign your restaurant up to Uber Eats and when you start receiving orders from customers, an Uber Eats’ driver will arrive at your restaurant, pick up the meal and deliver it quickly and efficiently.

Skip the Dishes

When you use the Skip the Dishes as your food delivery service app, a food courier will come and collect the order and deliver it to the customer’s address. According to Skip the Dishes, when using their services, restaurants typically see a 10 – 25% rise in revenue.


Partner with the Postmates app and have your restaurant delivery and logistic requirements solved. Postmates claims to the nation’s largest on-demand delivery network, bringing restaurants and takeout chains more customers in a matter of minutes.

Postmates’ handles every detail of your food delivery requirements, including vetting drivers and ensuring your food is delivered in a fresh and timely manner.


Get your restaurant and its culinary creations in front of a hungry online audience on the Delivery.com app. You’ll then receive orders from Delivery.com, which can deliver meals straight to your satisfied customers.

best food delivery apps

Comparison of Top Food Delivery Apps for Restaurants

To help you navigate through the options and choose the best food delivery app for your restaurant, we’ve compiled a comparison table. This table outlines the key features and benefits of the top 10 food delivery apps, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your restaurant’s specific needs.

App NameKey FeaturesBest For
Amazon Prime NowFast delivery within 1 hour, insulated bag deliveryQuick, reliable service for Prime customers
SeamlessEasy setup, over 20% increase in order volumesStreamlining takeout business
DoorDashManage orders via multiple devices, handle logisticsEfficiency in processing and fulfilling orders
Eat24Partnership with Yelp, large US presenceExtensive reach and easy order management
Beyond MenuCustomer reviews, sit-down meal reservationsEnhancing both delivery and dine-in experiences
GrubHubUp to 30% revenue boost, various delivery optionsExpanding takeout revenue significantly
Uber EatsHigh brand recognition, efficient deliveryRapid and reliable delivery service
Skip the DishesFood courier delivery, 10-25% revenue increaseRestaurants seeking significant revenue boost
PostmatesLargest on-demand delivery network, complete logistic solutionsExpansive customer reach and delivery management
Delivery.comExposure to online audience, direct delivery serviceBroadening online presence and customer base

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