Best Security Window Film for Glass

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Glass provides a visual and roomy spatial atmosphere in homes and buildings that seamlessly blends interior and exterior space. The one drawback is the space it occupies leaves vulnerable points in the structure. Furthermore, when it breaks, there is a great chance of injury.

Security window film not only secures the weakest point in your structure but can also provide impact protection against glass shards from a broken window.

Security film can be a worthwhile investment for protecting your business against potential crime as well as natural disaster aftermath, seismic activity, flying debris, blasts, and accidents.

What is Window Security Film?

Window security films strengthen and enhance the safety of regular glass. Most security window films have adhesive-backed tape that sticks to glass surfaces.

Benefits of Window Security Film

Besides providing safety and security, take a look at some of the other benefits window films can provide:

  • UV blocking: Some security films have UV blocking properties
  • Transparency: The transparent nature of window films allows natural light in
  • Energy Saving: Some window films have tinting that can help save money on energy use
  • Natural Disasters: Security window films also protect against high winds, tornadoes, flying debris, and other natural disasters.
  • Crime Deterrent: Potential burglars or people with prying eyes will think twice about approaching a building with a safety film.

Best Security Window Film

There are so many different options for security film, it can be a bit overwhelming. Check out our picks below of the ten best window security film options we could find on Amazon.


BDF Window Film Security for Broken Glass

BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 8 Mil

Top Pick: The S8MC can absorb impact from break-in attempts and hold shattered glass together. At the same time, it also blocks about 99% of UV rays. At 8 mil, it is one of the thicker films on our list. And you can get it from 12 to 60 inches wide to 24 feet long.

BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 8 Mil

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GordonGlass Film – 12 Mil Clear

12 Mil Clear Security Window Film 30-Inch Wide x 15 ft Roll

Runner Up: At 12 mil, the security film from Gordon Glass will protect your windows or glass doors from high impact. It also provides 99% UV ray protection. You can get the film up to one continuous 50’ roll so you can cover doors and windows easily.

12 Mil Clear Security Window Gordan Glass Film 30? Wide x 15 ft Roll

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VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Window Film

VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Window Film 30-Inch Wide x 10 ft Roll

Best Value: The VViViD delivers high impact resistance with a 12-mil thick film. According to the company, the rubber-based adhesive spreads the impact over a large surface area. This makes it possible to keep the glass more intact. It is available in 30” wide x 10’ rolls.

VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Window Film

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Queenbox 3M/10FT Clear Safety and Security Window Film

Queenbox 3M-10FT Clear Safety and Security Window Film Glass Protection Adhesive UV Prevention Window Film Easy Removal

This film comes in at 2 mils so it is not the thickest, but it will keep the glass from shattering on the floor. The film has a break strength of 75lbs/in and SR Hardness of >7H. It provides 98% UV protection and 96% VLT (visible light transmission) clear transparency of the window.

Queenbox 3M/10FT Clear Safety and Security Window Film Glass Protection

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HOHOFILM 4 Mil Clear Vinyl Shatterproof Safety Window Film

HOHOFILM 4 Mil Clear Vinyl Shatterproof Safety Window Film Adhesive Glass Protection Film Window Security 35.4Inch x 16.4Feet Roll

This 4-mil security film uses adhesive to install it on windows or doors for a colorless and transparent result. It blocks 99% of UV rays, and you can get it in rolls of 23.6” to 35.4” wide and 16.4’ in length.

HOHOFILM 4 Mil Clear Vinyl Shatterproof Safety Window Film Adhesive Glass Protection

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TOYOCO Security Window Film

TOYOCO Window Film Clear Security and Safety

This transparent film has a thickness of 8 mil and is 30″x25′. It also provides some UV protection, reducing fade on indoor furnishings.

TOYOCO Scratch Resistant Transparent Film 30in x 25ft 8 Mil Thickness

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Rayno Window Security Film – Shatterproof Safety Window Protection Wrap

Rayno Window Security Film

Rayno clear security film offers protection against break-ins and vandalism – it is shatterproof and 4 mil thick, so while it isn’t the thickest security film, reviewers say it does it’s job. The film can be used on windows and other glass panes. It also has anti-UV and anti-IR properties for insulation and protection against fading.

Rayno Window Security Film – Shatterproof Safety Window Protection Wrap

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SW MEGICOLIM Shatterproof Protective Vinyl Adhesive Tranparent Film

4mil Clear Security and Safety Window Film Shatterproof Glass Protective Vinyl

This 4 mil film will keep the windows intact, absorb impact from break-in attempts and hold broken glass together, protecting against flying shards of glass.. It attaches with vinyl adhesive and can be used on windows, sliding glass doors, shower doors, and more.

4mil Clear Safety Shatterproof Glass Protective Vinyl Adhesive Film 17.7Inch x 10Feet

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Shackcom Tempered Glass Window Film

Window Security Film 23.6in X 9.84ft, Shackcom Tempered Glass Window Film

This 4 mil clear safety film is 23.6in X 9.84ft and is said to mimic the same protection as tempered glass. The film is multi-layered and tear and impact-resistant, and can be used on just about any window or glass door.

Shackcom Tempered Glass Safety Film Anti-Shatter for Home, Office and Car

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ColorfulHall 2 Mil Adhesive Waterproof Window Film

Window Security Film Safety Clear Window Film

The back of this explosion-proof film comes with strong adhesive glue and is waterproof, oil-proof, and moisture-proof, allowing it to be used both interior and exterior doors and windows. Its high-definition transparency allows natural light in, and the film is shatterproof.

Waterproof Window Film 2 Mil Adhesive for Home and Office 24 inch X 14 feet

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How to Choose the Best Window Security Film

To further help your search for the best window security film for your business:

  • Thickness: The thickness of the security film will dictate the level and kind of protection it will provide. Thicker films will, of course, provide the highest level of protection.
  • Adhesive or static cling: Some films have to be glued on, and others stick to the glass by static. The glue version films are stronger and last longer.
  • Roll Sizes: Be sure to take measurements! Most film manufacturers provide different size options. It is recommended, though, that you get slightly more than what you need in case of errors.
  • Visibility: Security films are available in different visibilities, although they are mostly transparent.
  • Window frame: When you install the security film, make sure the window pane, frame and overall structure is strong.
  • Installation: This is definitely the most challenging part. Check if the film you are purchasing comes with installation tools. If not, be sure you have the installation tools you need. Your safest bet is to have a professional install it, though, to ensure correct placement and no air bubbles.

Other Types of Window Film

Besides safety film, there are other types of window film that may be worthwhile:

  • Privacy Window Film: This particular film type is usually tinted or has the look of frosted glass. It lets in natural light like regular glass, but people can’t see inside. Example here.
  • Blackout Window Film: This is another type of privacy film, only it is completely opaque. Check out this highly rated example here.
  • Decorative Window Film: Decorative film is for aesthetic purposes. It can resemble stained glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, or have unique colors and patterns. Here is one of many examples.

It is important to note that these types of window films are not impact-resistant and do not provide protection against breakage.


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