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Whiteboards are essential in most offices in the business world. You can use them to express ideas, share new initiatives, or collaborate. Choosing the right product can help you reap all the potential benefits. There are several types to consider, including plain, calendar, magnetic, hanging, and free-standing whiteboards or dry erase boards. But what makes the best whiteboard? Below are are our choices for best whiteboard in a variety of categories.

Best Plain WhiteboardBest Calendar WhiteboardBest Magnetic WhiteboardMost Affordable Whiteboard
Quartet Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White BoardU Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase BoardLockways White Board Dry Erase BoardSTOBOK Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Stand
Quartet Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White BoardU Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase BoardLockways White Board Dry Erase BoardSTOBOK Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Stand
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Best Whiteboards to Consider

Here’s a thorough selection of whiteboards, also interchangeably called dry erase boards. We’ve broken each one down using different criteria. So you can choose the best one for your needs, considering what features you need and how much you can afford.

Best Dry Erase Boards

Many businesses just require a basic dry erasable board they can use to convey ideas. Most of these hang on walls or can be placed on desks or tables. Here are some simple options that can fill that need.

1. VIZ-Pro Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard

This basic whiteboard from VIZ-PRO mounts on the wall and comes with an aluminum frame. It’s available in different sizes, including the popular 48 by 36 inches. It includes a kit for easy mounting and a tray for dry erase pens.

2. Quartet Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

This sturdy Quartet product was assembled in the USA and includes a melamine surface and aluminum frame that mounts. This option is 3 by 2 feet, but other sizes are also available. It comes with a pen tray and one marker. And the surface is completely erasable.

3. U Brands Dry Erase Board

This option from U Brands includes a durable surface that works with any markers – though the recommend their own brand. The board fully erases. But the company says this product is best for light use. It mounts on the wall with included hardware and instructions. And it measures 23 by 17 inches.

4. Quartet Glass Whiteboard

This whiteboard from Quartet is made from glass rather than resin. So it’s actually not really white. The frameless design provides a sophisticated look and mounts to the wall. It’s also scratch-resistant and durable. This one measures 4 by 3 feet. But it’s available in a variety of other sizes too.

Best Calendar Whiteboards

For those who want to use whiteboards for keeping track of their schedule or other commitments, a calendar version may be the best option. These generally include a basic monthly outline that you can fill in with dry-erase markers. Here are some of these options to consider.

5. Quartet Combination Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar & Corkboard

This Quartet product includes a monthly calendar that you can fill in with the attached dry erase marker. It is also magnetic and comes with a couple of magnet accessories. At the bottom, there’s a small corkboard for you to place small memos or other important items. In total, the board measures 17 by 23 inches.

6. U Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board

This dry erase board from U Brands is known for its durability. It doesn’t stain or discolor. And it includes a monthly calendar along with a notes section off to the side. It’s also magnetic so you can stick memos or important items to it. And the gold aluminum frame provides a modern and glamorous look. This product measures 16 by 20 inches.

7. The Board Dudes Dry Erase Calendar

A very basic and affordable option, this calendar whiteboard comes from The Board Dudes. It includes a monthly calendar, one marker, and a few magnets. You can either mount it or keep it at your desk. This option measures 20 by 16 inches.

8. AmazonBasics Dry Erase and Cork Calendar Planner Board

This calendar whiteboard from AmazonBasics includes space for each date and even has each month written out so you can circle the correct one. It’s magnetic, so the marker and other accessories simply stick to the surface. And there’s also a cork board section at the bottom. The board measures 24 by 36 inches.

Best Magnetic Whiteboards

Some whiteboards are magnetic. So you can write on them as you would with a normal version. But you can also use them to hold up objects like documents and reminders. These are perfect for those who want their office accessories to pull double duty. Here are some magnetic versions.

9. QUEENLINK Dry Erase Board

This QUEENLINK product offers a pretty basic writing surface. It comes with eight magnets, two dry erase markers, a pen tray, and eraser. It’s also scratch-resistant and durable. It measures 24 by 18 inches, with other size options available as well. And you can mount it to the wall either vertically or horizontally.

10. Lockways White Board Dry Erase Board

This Lockways product is known for being durable and easy to use. It comes with a silver aluminum frame and includes a pen tray. It erases fully and comes with wall mounting hardware. It also comes with the accessories you need like dry erase markers, erasers, and magnets. This one measures 48 by 36 inches.

11. Excello Rustic Double Sided Whiteboard

If you’re looking for a whiteboard that doubles as a piece of decor, this Excello product may be for you. It includes a rustic wood frame and offers writing surfaces on both sides. You can easily keep it on your desk on its stand and then rotate it when you want to access the other side. You could also bring it to meetings or collaboration sessions. It measures 11 by 11 inches.

12. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board

This board from U Brands provides a simple but sturdy option for those looking for whiteboards for wall hanging. It’s made of painted steel. So it’s strong and highly durable. It also comes with a white wood frame. So it’s attractive and should match nearly any office decor. You can also mount it either vertically or horizontally. As pictured, it measures 20 by 30 inches.

Best Whiteboard Sets

Some companies may need a set of small whiteboards, rather than one large one. These could come in handy for use in different offices. Or you could even use them for training or team-building exercises. Here are some to consider that include various sizes, features, and numbers.

13. Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack

This Charles Leonard set includes 12 simple dry erase boards with markers and small erasers. They’re very plain and lightweight. So they’re easy to transport and fine for distribution to team members. They’re perfect for occasional use or companies that always just want to have whiteboards available for small collaborative sessions. Each one measures 9 by 12 inches.

14. Arteza Framed Magnetic Whiteboard Set

This Arteza set comes with a pack of two magnetic whiteboards. So it’s best for small teams or those who just want a few options for meetings. They can mount on a wall or fridge, or you can simply use them on a desk or conference table and hold them up. The set comes with 16 dry erase markers, 4 magnets, and 2 erasers. Each one measures 8.5 by 11 inches.

15. EAI Education Centimeter Grid Flexible Dry-Erase Boards

For businesses that may need to make graphs or sketch out ideas, these boards from EAI Education could come in handy. Each one comes with a grid surface. The pack of 30 is perfect for teams that want to always supply collaborative materials. Even with the grids, you can simply write on them like normal if necessary. Each double-sided board measures 9 by 12 inches.

16. Brewster White 4-Piece Organizer Set

If you want to get your own office organized, this set from Brewster includes four options to help. There’s a plain one for notes, along with a weekly calendar, monthly calendar, and bulletin board. You can mount them to the wall in your office easily. And they come with accessories to help you get started. Each one measures 13 by 13 inches. So it can also make a nice symmetrical display.

Best Mobile Whiteboards

Sometimes, you want a whiteboard that doesn’t mount to the wall. If you need one for presentations in various parts of your office or even special events, these free-standing versions may be perfect.

17. Amazon Basics Dry Erase Mobile Whiteboard Easel

The first freestanding dry erase board on the list, this option from AmazonBasics is on wheels. So you can easily move it to different offices or throughout a conference room. However, there are also options for freestanding easels if you don’t want the ability to roll it from place to place. It includes a smooth writing surface and a steel base. And it measures 73 by 26 by 32 inches.

18. SLEEKFORM Mobile Double Sided Dry Erase Magnetic Giant White Board

For large presentations or meetings, this option from SLEEKFORM is likely to do the trick. It’s one of the largest dry erase board options available on the list. And it’s double-sided so you get more than one writing surface. Since it’s on wheels, you can easily move it throughout your office. But the wheels lock into place. So you don’t need to worry about it moving once you’re ready to write. It measures 72 by 40 inches.

19. ARCOBIS Small Dry Erase White Board

If you need just a small whiteboard for your own office, here’s a freestanding option from ARCOBIS. It’s magnetic and comes with three pens and two writing surfaces. You can fold it up for easy transport or just leave it on your desk. It may also work for small collaborative sessions in your conference room. It measures 12 by 16 inches.

20. STOBOK Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Stand

This STOBOK dry erase board comes with just one writing surface but a sturdy stand for easy use. It’s a magnetic dry erase board. So the pen and other accessories just stick right to it. And it rotates 360 degrees so you can easily share ideas with others once you’ve written them. This one measures 11 by 14 inches.

Is a whiteboard the same as a dry erase board?

Yes, a whiteboard is the same as a dry erase board. They are simply two terms used to describe the same thing. The surface material is the same. So if you’re looking for the best option for your needs, you might try using both terms in your searches.

What are whiteboards made of?

Whiteboards can be made of various materials, with two of the most popular being melamine and steel. Melamine is a type of synthetic resin. Many affordable and lightweight whiteboards are made of this material. The best whiteboard choices have a steel backing and are magnetic so that you can attach magnetic accessories. Some high end, dry erase boards also include porcelain.

You can even find a tempered glass dry erase board. This type of dry erase board can be made of clear, colored or frosted glass, often frameless for a contemporary look. A glass surface has the advantage of being stain resistant.

What is the best whiteboard material?

The material for the best whiteboards depends on what you’re looking for. Porcelain boards are a good option for those who want a glossy finish and easy writing capabilities. Melamine is best for those who want an affordable or portable option. And steel offers durability, magnetic features, and decently affordable prices.

Are all whiteboards magnetic?

No, not every whiteboard is magnetic – some are not. Generally, a dry erase board made of steel will have a magnetic surface. Those made of resin often do not, unless they are attached to a steel sheet backing. But you can’t tell from weight alone. Today you can even get magnetic paint for a paint-on whiteboard that magnetized items stick to. If you’re looking for a magnetic whiteboard, make sure the seller specifies this feature first.

What is whiteboard film?

Whiteboard film is like an instant whiteboard. This peel and stick product usually comes in a roll and has a sticky, yet removable, back. It is easy to use. You stick the material to walls or any flat surface. Then you can write on the smooth writing surface with dry erase markers. It’s one of the best dry erase surfaces if you want something temporary and portable. The slim roll takes up very little space, so you can travel with it in a car or on a plane. To clean this dry erase surface, use a wet cloth. The downside is that it is nonmagnetic. You cannot attach a marker tray to it.

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