Bevi Introduces New Touchless Beverage Dispensing System

Touchless Beverage Dispensing (1)

A new dispensing feature lets people get flavored water without a touchscreen. The tech startup Bevi is rolling out the new technology on July 13.

The new feature stops employees from touching things like refrigerators and shared water coolers. This is important as the economy reopens . It uses a smartphone camera or a scanner app.

Small Business Trends contacted Sean Grundy, Co-Founder and CEO of Bevi, to find out how it works.

He described the company’s green focus.

Commercial Spaces

“Bevi is a tech startup company. We offer smart water coolers for commercial spaces. These have still and sparkling flavor options,” he writes. “ MIT and Yale graduates started the company. They shared a vision about decreasing the use of plastic water bottles and cans.”

They focused on plastic water bottles. Grundy explained how the new feature works.   It gets added to internet connected Bevi machines  . A software update is all that’s needed.

“When the touchless feature starts, an animation appears on internet connected Bevi machines . That explains how to start touchless dispensing with a toggle.”

Cell Phone Camera

Users access the feature through a cell phone camera or QR code scanner app. Scanning the code makes a  machine dispense screen appear on their phone.

“From there, users can explore ingredients and select from all of the  options including still or sparkling water, flavor choice, and flavor strength.”

This new feature comes after recent government guidelines. Grundy explains:

“The CDC recently  suggested replacing items like coffee pots, water coolers and bulk snacks,” he says. “It’s imperative for small businesses to take a look at the options they currently offer employees and adjust to ensure their safety.”

New Feature

Their products are innovative.

“These are the first smart water machines to utilize real-time data for flavor development,” Grundy says.

It’s good to know as small business brings employees back, this technology fits in across all business verticals. The company’s machines serve a dual purpose. They replace a portion of what goes into landfill and save the time used to stock bottled water or order supplies. It’s a win/win situation for small businesses struggling to find a new footing in a COVID-19, environmentally friendly world.

About Bevi

Bevi makes smart water machines. Customers can buy sweetened and unsweetened flavors . Sparkling  and still water is available too. MIT and Yale graduates founded the company in 2013. They wanted to replace plastic water bottles and cans. Their customers include big tech companies like Google, Lyft,  and Netflix . Visit for more information.



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