Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints


"Beyond Advertising:Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints" predicts where advertising could be in the next decade and how your business can take advantage of the future before your competitors do. Pulling knowledge from 200+ experts and a research institute, the book guides readers into the must-follow principles that will help make their advertising relevant, responsive, and a service to your customers in a way they can even imagine yet.

Beyond Advertising book review

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Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints is about the future of advertising. Like other advertising books, it suggests that advertising needs to become more integrated, data-centered and relevant. What others don’t do is detail where all of this activity is headed. That’s where Beyond Advertising comes in. It seeks to predict where advertising will be in the next decade and how business can take advantage of that future in the present.

What Beyond Advertising is About

Beyond Advertising offers a particularly optimistic view of the future of advertising.In their not-so-distant world, the Internet is everywhere. You would wake up, get scanned by a computer (kind of like the Jetsons cartoon, if you can recall) and your vital signs recorded. The computer notices that you have the symptoms of a hangover and posts an ad for the specific Tylenol brand that matches your preferences (gel or capsule) and medical records.

Welcome to advertising in 2020 and beyond …

Getting the advertising industry and business to that point where advertising is a facilitator, not an obstacle, is the point of the book. The information provided in Beyond Advertising is based on some of the 200+ contributor’s insights to the Wharton’s Future of Advertising Program (aka “Advertising 2020”, a business research program aimed at predicting and improving advertising’s future.These contributors from various fields analyzed where advertising is and where it could be.

Present-day advertising, as Beyond Advertising points out,is facing a crisis. Consumers don’t want to be bothered, fooled, or shouted at by advertisers. They want to be entertained, educated, and connected. For many businesses, this seems like an obstacle.

What seems like an obstacle to modern businesses and advertisers now may actually be a powerful asset in the future. Advertisers who are able to leverage their resources into engaging with their customers will have a head start on companies that have yet to catch up. The key, though, is becoming one of those businesses that can successfully win over customers.

The way to better customer engagement through as explored in various ways in Beyond Advertising is simple: Challenge everything you know about modern advertising. Challenge the present and you have room to create a new future.

Author Jerry (Yoram) Wind is a researcher, professor, author, and founder of the Wharton Future of Advertising program and the Wharton SEI center.

Wind’s co-author Catharine Findiesen Hays is executive director of the Wharton SEI Center which she helped found, with Jerry Wind in 2008. Hays comes from a professional background of marketing innovation at the executive level and an academic background in international economics.

What Was Best About This Book

The most obvious feature of Beyond Advertising is its exuberant optimism for the future of advertising. Advertising is facing an increasingly fragmented and annoyed market, leading to threats of its impending doom. Beyond Advertising argues that advertising can evolve. It just needs to evolve. This can be welcoming news for business owners and advertisers who believe in the shiny new future of advertising future of advertising.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

Beyond Advertising does an incredible job of detailing conceptual models and principles for how future-oriented advertising should work. If a business owner or advertising wants to radically transform their underlying assumptions about advertising, this book can help.

Future content, however, needs to focus on implementation, specifically for small business. Readers who own a big marketing department can more easily create an integrated omni-channel marketing strategy compared to a mom-and-pop store with just a Twitter account.

Why Read Beyond Advertising

Beyond Advertising is a book for people who want to transform and evolve with the future of advertising. The book features wisdom from a collection of experts who pull together the strengths of the advertising industry (creativity, technology, growing expertise in data collection and prediction) and channel those strengths in a new direction.

If you are tired of the same old “broadcast to everyone and hope for a response” kind of advertising, this book will provide smarter solutions and break down those solutions into simple mental models for quick use.

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