Remembering the Days of Good Old Regular Data

big data cartoon

I like data.

I use Google Analytics and Crazy Egg on my site to see how people use it. I track subscribers a few different ways in Recurly, I track tweets and retweets in Buffer, and between QuickBooks and Numbers, I have a good idea where my money goes.

Like I said, I like data. But even for a small company like mine, that’s a lot. So when you hear about larger companies leveraging Big Data and governments spying via metadata, it can feel like we’re drowning in data. Hence this metadata/Big Data cartoon.

I know it’s passé – but I miss the days when just watching your “hits” was data enough.

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  1. It’s certainly a lot. Though some of it can be really useful, there’s a deluge of it. Information overload.

    I don’t know what Big Data is. Don’t think I want to either. I’m aware of meta data though.