Spotlight: Big E-Z Helps Small Businesses Make Sense of Bookkeeping

Big E-Z Helps Small Businesses Make Sense of Bookkeeping

Businesses need bookkeeping. And many don’t have the time or patience to deal with complicated tools or spreadsheets. That’s why Big E-Z Bookkeeping Co. provides hands-on service and support for customers of their bookkeeping software.

Small Biz Spotlight – Biz EZ Bookkeeping

If you’re interested in learning more about this small business and the founder’s journey to entrepreneurship, read on for this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides simple accounting software for small businesses and organizations.

Business Niche

Providing personal, hands-on support.

Founder Michelle Carley told Small Business Trends, “We want businesses to succeed and will hand-hold (so to speak) until they have their accounting set up and customized for their needs. We offer a free half hour screen sharing demo before the purchase and one half hour after. We have an extensive knowledge base and support by email or phone. Support staff is all bookkeepers and located in the U.S.”

How the Business Got Started

Through a series of job changes.

Carley says, “I was always good with numbers but my family did not have money to send us 7 kids to college, so I took a job bottling windshield solvent. Before you know it, they were asking me to bottle muriatic acid. So, I asked if they had any other jobs open and they said sure, in the office. I said I’d take it. After keeping the books for many small businesses, I volunteered to help at the local Small Business Development Center. I spent a lot of time helping owners reconcile their checkbooks and decided I needed to come out with a bookkeeping system to simplify the process. I didn’t want any scary terms like “debits” and “credits,” just plus and minus.”

Biggest Win

Winning recognition and clients.

Carley explains, “Last year, I won an award from the National Entrepreneurs Association for 2019 Best Business Practices and I added a few more clients, which actually doubled my sales around the same time.”

Biggest Risk

Creating a new solution during an uncertain time.

Carley adds, “It’s important that we listen to our customers, therefore we just spent thousands of dollars developing a new version of the software that operates with Google Sheets for Google enthusiasts. Just as my programmers and I were wrapping up the new software, COVID-19 hit. I don’t know the end result yet. Time will tell.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Promoting a new product.

Carley says, “I would use it to increase our marketing department and promote Big E-Z Accounting for Google Sheets, our new product, further.”

Company Motto

This is bookkeeping, nobody thinks it’s fun but me!

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Image: Big E-Z Bookkeeping Co, Michelle Carley

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