Billings Resident Launches App to Bring Back Community, Support Local Businesses


Customers and community members can be some of the biggest advocates for small businesses. And one woman in Billings, Montana is showing just how powerful that advocacy can be.

Christina Southern is a digital marketing freelancer who works with local small businesses. In addition to her client work, Southern also recently developed an app called ‘Bringing Back Community’ to support small businesses even more.

The app includes a directory of local businesses, along with a live feed of updates similar to social media platforms. Small businesses can sign up, share some basic information about their offerings, and post pictures and links. Community members can even share comments and reviews about their favorite local businesses.

This is a passion project for Southern, who has gotten to work closely with many small business owners. Though this isn’t part of her main freelance business, she hopes the app helps businesses connect with customers and even the playing field between them and larger competitors.

Southern said in an interview with local news outlet KTVQ, “I kind of got to see really how, in my opinion anyway, how uneven the playing field is when you compare corporations and companies with your every day small business owner.”

The fact that Southern was willing to spend her free time building an app like this to support local small businesses shows just how important these companies can be to their communities. Small businesses are more important than their products or services; they also add character to their communities and can connect people on a personal level.

When businesses are able to connect with customers and community members on a deep level like this, it’s not just about making sales. These individuals can also turn into advocates that spread the word about your business even more. So it’s important for small businesses to be open to making these connections and stay aware of opportunities to be active within their communities.

Image: Envato

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