Bing Gains on Google in Search Market Share

Small business owners using online marketing to bring in customers must always keep the big search engines in mind while creating and distributing their content. Up until recently, that’s essentially meant Google, which clearly has retained the majority share of the search market. But all of this is about to change. Here are some things you ought to know about the shifting sands of online search.

Searching for Trends

The once and future king. A recent comScore report shows that Google’s iron grip with 66.8 percent of the search market remains unshaken. What the report also shows, however, are continued gains by Bing over the last two months while Google remained flat. Additionally, the report shows that Yahoo!, the search giant’s other rival, has halted its decline. Search Engine Watch

For better or for worse. Changes in Google search results may push even more queries toward the search engine’s rivals and may also be a good reason for small online businesses to pay more attention to ranking better with Bing and Yahoo! Experts say Google is returning fewer search results now and showing many from the same domains. Search Engine Land

Spreading your risk. Not surprisingly, many experts are advising us to expand our search engine options. In this post we take a look at some of the other search tools in the world beyond Google and its two largest competitors. These alternatives may prove important in a future where one search engine may no longer dominate all results. Information Today

Tools and Techniques

Analyze this. No matter what its overall search results, there’s no doubt Google creates some unsurpassed tools small business owners with an online presence will want to go right on using. Google Analytics is one of these. Here are some tips for setting up the perfect dashboard for your company, ready to deliver all the search data you need. Capture Commerce

Searching high and low. Even when considering a single search engine, search marketing is now increasingly complex. When tailoring your search marketing campaign, be sure you remember not only content marketing but local search marketing and mobile marketing too. Leave no stone unturned when looking for new ways to build a customer base and communicate with it. E-Marketing Associates

Marketing Measures

A beautiful site. Despite recent changes in search engines, there are some basic principles that will keep you out of trouble if you pay careful attention while marketing your site online. Quality content that is search engine friendly yet written for humans is still the best thing to put on your Website. And here are some other things to think about. Brick Marketing Blog

The right set of tools. Google’s greatest competitor at this point, Microsoft’s search engine Bing, has done much more than simply gobble up a greater share of the market. It has also rolled out a set of free Webmaster Tools similar to Google’s in an effort to help Website  owners create more search engine friendly content. It’s time for online entrepreneurs to consider more than one set of tools while trying to get their Websites noticed. Keep Up With the Web

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  1. hi, thought I would just add the value of paid advertising for small businesses. For many very small businesses, the CPC model is prohibitive, unless you go for a three or four word Exact match very low price bid.

    The other option of facebook CPM cost per thousand impressions, for local search, and niche ‘Interests’ can also be feasible. I still find that optimizing for Google organic searches is most important for me, but I am helping other people mine paid advertising, who dont have the time or skills to rank high organically.