Spotlight: BirthdayPak Provides Businesses with Unique Birthday Gift Card Promotions

Spotlight: Birthday Coupon Promotion Company BirthdayPak Offers Unique Marketing Opportunities for Businesses, Deals for Consumers

Birthdays can be a great time for businesses to reach out to customers with unique promotions. And BirthdayPak has created a system for doing just that.

The company focuses on businesses with a very specific customer niche and aims to deliver serious results. Read about the company and its marketing process in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Connects businesses with customers using unique birthday gift card promotions.

CEO Paul Berman told Small Business Trends, “BirthdayPak is an award-winning, multi-channel marketing program that only works with a limited number of upscale businesses, such as restaurants, day spas, salons, and boutiques and is only sent to affluent female consumers who are about to celebrate their birthday. What makes BirthdayPak offers even more appealing to the recipient is the fact that the offers are presented in the form of gift cards, not coupons … a game changer for sure! Connecting the best businesses in the community with their best customers at exactly the right time is what BirthdayPak is all about.”

Business Niche

High performing products.

Berman says, “Most of our advertising clients tell us that BirthdayPak works better than anything they have ever experienced in their business, especially in the restaurant space. We consistently perform at or above an 80% advertiser retention rate.”

How the Business Got Started

After working in other marketing spaces.

Berman explains, “A small group of smart direct marketers (most of whom are current investors in our company) realized that print and digital media would converge and also that nobody was doing a great job in the “Happy Birthday” space. We jumped on this opportunity and glad that we did!”

Biggest Win

Consistently reaching company goals.

Berman says, “Since July 2016 when I became CEO, our culture, sales energy and growth has been consistently improving, we made a profit in 2017 and are just about half-way to our goal of becoming a national brand in the 41 states we have identified where we will be doing business.”

Biggest Risk

Starting a business during an economic downturn.

Berman says, “In 2010 the “great recession” was going strong and as well, we competed with the “deal space” – Groupon, Living Social and many other upstarts where our clients were offered check vs risking shelling out money for advertising that may or may not work.”

Lesson Learned

Don’t wait to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Berman explains, “We formed our company in 2010 after a year of testing in the field, took us until 2013 to begin franchising. We could have done this after our 1st capital raise.”

Spotlight: Birthday Gift Card Promotion Company BirthdayPak Offers Unique Marketing Opportunities for Businesses, Deals for Consumers

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Helping franchisees.

Berman says, “Advertising and national sales to help our Franchise partners to grow and profit faster as well as accelerating our plans for additional products which have been in our “What’s Next” bucket for a long while.”

Team Tradition

Celebrating at every opportunity.

Berman says, “One of our core Mantra’s is “Open & Honest” communication. It’s also “Celebrate Life” which we do at every opportunity, fun offsites, lunches together and of course, celebrating every team members’ Birthday with fun, pranks and decorations. As CEO, I am often found singing Happy Birthday to our employees and our franchise partners.”

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