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Blog To Win Business is a book that will help you deploy your content marketing strategy with more mastery.

blog to win business

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Ever wanted a short guide to the most essential online activity? Ok, unfair question – everyone has that need for a given business topic. But one topic that crops up again and again is effective blogging. A cornerstone of content marketing, blogs are suggested by every guru who can spell G-U-R-U. But few so-called experts can condense the tips into a workable brief guide for time-constrained small business owners.

Enter Henneke Duistermaat, an experienced copywriter and marketer based in Great Britain. Her new book Blog To Win Business: How to Enchant Readers and Woo Customers is written as the title intended – to woo readers into being customers with savvy content. I reviewed her previous book How To Write Seductive Web Copylast year.

Like her last book Duistermaat checks in with just a few pages, but it is longer (86 pages versus Seductive’s 54). yet beyond that count are the essentials for creating useful blog content.

There are well-nuanced tips that make this book a better investment of your time than reading a series of general blog posts on blog content. Take Chapter 11, Seduce Google to Send You Traffic, for example. In it Duistermaat suggests that in while writing to attract ideal readers, you should write to help readers decide on the typical choice they face. Doing so provides in-depth articles that rank well in search engine queries. There is also the suggestion of content buckets:

“A content bucket is a landing page that provides an introduction to a topic and links to your best posts about that topic. Content buckets are an alternative to using categories.”

Another practice task appears in the form of creating an ideal reader profile to develop content creation guidance. The task is meant to guide you into creating content that will resonate with your intended reader.

The suggestions are meant to be actionable, such as Duistermaat’s idea for using metaphors to reinvigorate older content.

“Metaphors help you approach the same old stuff in a completely fresh way.  You create a vivid image in your reader’s head by connecting the boring old
message to something completely different.”

Duistermaat also shows that you learn your voice while learning what resonates with intended readers. In many cases, discovering one’s voice means paying attention to what other people or organizations write. Duistermaat showcases the fine line between imitation and true admiration of other bloggers. Take this except for example.

“When emulating other bloggers, you find yourself making “mistakes”—you diverge from the style you try to imitate. These diversions are valuable,
because you might like them, and you can amplify them so your voice becomes stronger, more personal, more like you….Developing your voice takes time. Don’t pressure yourself to develop it today or this week or this month. Keep reading and discovering voices you like. Read more and learn more so your voice can evolve over time.”

A nice bonus is a free chapter with the book purchase. The chapter explains how to create emails that entices people to open your latest email offer or newsletter.

Creating blog content sounds easier than it is in real life. Blog To Win Business will help you deploy that content with more mastery. Combine this book with other content marketing books, and you’ll master a social media plan with the best chances for engagement and campaign success.

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