Bloggers: Does Size Matter?

Size Matters in Blog PostsJonathan Fields says size matters for bloggers.  Size … ahem … of blog posts, that is.

He has pulled together a fascinating roundup of comments from bloggers about the optimal length of posts.  One repeated theme seems to be: it all depends on your audience and the style of your publication. 

Some blogs do extremely well with short 150-word posts.  Others lean toward longer, in-depth pieces.

I have found that even if you like to publish longer pieces (as I do) it’s important to mix in shorter-length posts. It lightens things up. 

What’s your opinion?  What length do you like to read?  Do you prefer frequent, shorter articles?  Longer articles?  Or a mixture?  

And if you have a blog, what size and style of posting has worked best for you? 

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