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On January 19, 2005 I will be moderating an event in Cleveland, Ohio: “Blogs and RSS: Profiting From the New Personal Publishing Tools.”

“In this session, a panel of experienced bloggers shares their secrets for how businesses get real results — with measurable ROI — using blogs as part of their marketing strategies. Includes discussions about using blogs to market products, advertising on blogs, using RSS (news feeds), repurposing blog content for email newsletters, using blogs to obtain high search engine rankings, and using blogs for business networking among your target audience. You’ll also receive a map of the network of Northeast Ohio blogs — who links to whom — and how the network can be used as a marketing vehicle.”

I’ll be moderating a terrific panel, including these Northeast Ohio bloggers:

  • George Nemeth –
  • Eric Olsen –
  • Barbara Payne – and
  • Steve Rucinski – and
  • I’m thrilled to announce we also managed to snag Denise Polverine, Editor in Chief of Denise and are pioneering some truly innovative territory with blogs. is an Advance Internet site, and it just goes to show what having a famous blogging president at the corporate helm can foster.

    We’re going to do something else that I haven’t seen done at blogging sessions, but which I highly recommend. Valdis Krebs will be preparing one of his fascinating network maps showing how Northeast Ohio blogs are connected with one another. It’s something that Valdis, George Nemeth and I have talked about doing for a while now, and I am glad it is finally coming about. If the map does what I think it will, it’s going to illustrate how powerful blogs are as networking tools.

    I hope to see you there.

    UPDATE JANUARY 14, 2005: I am also grinning because Chris Seper will be attending! Chris is the technology reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and writes a vibrant must-read blog called Chat Room Live (see our PowerBlog Review), which happens to reside over at

    2nd UPDATE: Jim Kukral of BlogKits said he would try to stop by, too, even though he and his wife are expecting a baby that week. Yeah!

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