Blogs Are Terrible for Drive-By Sales

Drive by salesBlogs are wonderful for marketing.  But they’re terrible for drive-by sales. 

What I mean is that using a blog to sell products or services directly usually brings dismal results.  If you expect a first-time visitor to come to your company blog and immediately buy something, you will be disappointed.  I guarantee it.

If you have or are considering appending a blog your small-business’s company website, just do not try to make it close sales.  

A blog is a lot of great marketing things, but it’s not suited to generating a high number of direct sales conversions for a product or service. Some business owners expect to be able to measure a blog’s results the same way you might measure an email offer or a direct mail piece.  They expect, say, 3% of those who read it to convert to sales, or some such metric.  That’s a mistake.

But — blogs can be helpful in getting new customers, as long as you don’t expect visitors to click the buy button on the very first visit. And the good news is, there are steps you can take to draw in potential new customers and ultimately get them to buy. 

I was invited to write a guest article over at on this topic and I see it’s now posted.  Check it out:  Using a Blog to Attract New Business.

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