Boost Your Blog with New Content Ideas, AI, and More Expert Tips

Blogging can be a marketing tool, a way to build community or even a source of revenue. Since each blog has different goals, there are many different ways to approach content creation. Check out these wide-ranging tips from members of the online small business community to find the blogging strategies that work best for your business.

Find Blog Topics and Content Ideas That Boost SEO

Blogging requires constant inspiration for new post ideas. And it helps if your topics are easily searchable, making it easier to boost your online traffic. Luckily, there are ways to help in both of these areas at once. Get tips in this Ignite post by Poulomi Basu.

boost your blog with new content ideas

Improve Your Content Using AI

New technology is constantly changing the blogging industry. AI is one recent innovation that is already making an impact. In this 99signals post, Sandeep Mallya dives into one AI tool that may help with SEO and content creation. And BizSugar members discussed the post further here.

Consider All the Implications of Using AI

However, AI is a complex concept that comes with many considerations. If you’re going to use it for content creation or any other area of your business, you should understand more about the technology. Sue-Ann Bubacz discusses the concept further in this Write Mix for a Business post.

Keep Up with These Blogging Trends in 2023

Blogging has been around for years. But the trends surrounding this industry are constantly changing. If you want your blog to keep attracting readers and providing value, read the trends in this Lion Blogger post by Jessica Robinson.

Boost Affiliate Marketing Revenue with These Foolproof SEO Techniques

Blogging is a perfect venue for affiliate marketers to post profitable content. And SEO is an important tool for building this type of revenue. In this Inspire to Thrive post, Erik Emanuelli offers five foolproof SEO strategies for affiliate marketers. And BizSugar members shared thoughts on the post here.

Improve the Content Experience for Your Readers

Ultimately, blogging is about providing content to the real people reading your post. So it’s important to actually consider their experience as you create content. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Lisa Dougherty provides five strategies to help you improve the reader experience.

Find the Geographic Location of Your WordPress Visitors

Learning about your audience can help you create relevant content. Geographic location is one major factor that may help you speak to them more effectively. In this Independent Analytics post, Ben Sibley goes over how to find this information on a WordPress site.

Maximize Your Online Presence with Different Types of Digital Marketing

Blogging is often just one part of building an online presence. Many entrepreneurs utilize multiple platforms and strategies to reach consumers in different places. Learn more about maximizing your online presence in this SMB CEO post by Greg Walthour.

Gather Marketing Tips from Experts

In fact, marketing a small business often requires constantly shifting and gathering new perspectives. Whether you’re blogging as a marketing channel or employing other strategies to promote your blog, these tips from BizSugar’s mastermind community may help.

Navigate the Challenges of B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can impact your blog, social media, and content strategies. But there are certain challenges that go along with this tactic, especially for B2B businesses. Check out this post by Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat for insights. Then head over to BizSugar to see what members are saying.

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