In the Spotlight: Boutique Marketing Agency Creates Big Impression with Small Shop Feel

Spotlight: Are You Data Driven or Creative? Digital Creative Agency, Boutique Marketing Agency, Gives You Both

Some entrepreneurs are naturally creative. Others are mostly data driven. But you need both approaches in your marketing efforts if you want to be successful over a long period of time. Especially in today’s online business environment, you need to work hard to find ways to stand apart from the millions of other businesses out there.

Boutique Marketing Agency is a firm that specializes in mixing those two different approaches in a really unique way. The London-based company grew from a one-person operation into a full agency over time. Now, the team offers a full array of services aimed at helping all types of businesses. Read more about the company and its digital marketing philosophy in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a full service digital creative agency.

Founder Felix Garcia told Small Business Trends, “We deliver bespoke marketing plans across different platforms in PR, digital and media strategy.”

Business Niche

Mixing data and creativity.

Garcia says, “Our sophisticated approach to marketing is enhanced by creativity and data analysis. We have a fantastic reputation for creating unique and tailored strategies that transform brands, exceed expectations and deliver results across the metrics.”

Spotlight: Are You Data Driven or Creative? Digital Creative Agency, Boutique Marketing Agency, Gives You Both

How the Business Got Started

As a freelance business.

Garcia first got started simply freelancing in the industry. Over time, the company grew into a full service agency. But Garcia’s initial efforts were fairly small and focused. So it took some time for the company to grow from a one-man operation into a larger undertaking.

Biggest Win

Landing their first big client.

This initial opportunity came for the company back in 2016. It gave the team some extra credibility as well as a sizable financial boost.

Biggest Risk

Taking out a business loan.

At one point, the company needed extra resources to cope with a large workload. So they took out a loan to help manage those extra needs. Ultimately, this could have put additional financial strain on the company if the extra work didn’t lead to increased cash flow. However, the risk ended up paying off for the company.

Lesson Learned

You need to spend money to make money.

Garcia says that if he could start his business journey all over again, he would have invested more money into the company at the beginning, rather than trying to stay lean in the early years.

Spotlight: Are You Data Driven or Creative? Digital Creative Agency, Boutique Marketing Agency, Gives You Both

Team Tradition

Table tennis.

The team hosts an annual table tennis championship tournament every year at the office, since it offers a little team building and friendly competition.

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Images: Boutique Marketing Agency, Felix Garcia

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