Bringg Helps Businesses Quickly Launch a Delivery Service

The Launch of Bringg BringgNow

On March 25, Bringg announced the launch of its BringgNow, a last-mile delivery solution in mind for small businesses. The solution will help businesses immediately launch and scale delivery operations.

According to the company, BringgNow will allow businesses to quickly load incoming orders, dispatch deliveries to their own drivers or crowdsourced fleets. They can then deliver to customers with a fully branded, real-time Uber-like experience.

BringgNow will help small businesses in the service sector. Particularly smaller restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores to scale and manage their delivery operations.

The Launch of Bringg BringgNow

Initially BringgNow was slated for release later this year but was released to businesses for free. The early release was needed because of the surge in delivery orders as more people are having to stay at home because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Restaurants and grocers who are seeing a surge in deliveries can use BringgNow to keep up with increasing orders, easily replenish inventories and much more.

This is true particularly with online deliveries becoming more popular amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people try to avoid going out in an attempt to stop spreading or catching the disease.

“In seeing the tremendous rise in demand around the world for delivery, we felt a community obligation to accelerate the release of this solution to provide businesses a free and easy tool to enable them to start, grow, and manage online delivery”, said Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg.

Bringg’s latest offering is available for free. This echoes other tech companies’ support for businesses to cope with the adverse effects of the coronavirus outbreak. In recent weeks technology companies have provided their solutions either as freemiums, discounts or outright free to help businesses weather the storm of the pandemic.

BringgNow’s features include a web dashboard that simplifies the process of creating and managing orders. It also includes tools that make it easier to assign deliveries to drivers and see their location in real-time. Businesses can use features for managing fleet drivers and provide customers with real-time tracking of their orders.

BringgNow’s Features at a Glance

Essentially BringgNow offers speed and better control on operations which are key to a delivery operation. Literally providing small businesses with solutions that are often only available for enterprises. The service is ready out-of-the-box with no onboarding and being free makes it even more enticing.

This comes in handy for small restaurants and grocery stores who have to keep up with growing delivery orders. This as consumers look for home deliveries because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BringgNow’s major selling points include effortless onboarding where delivery operations can be up and running with a 1-step registration and fast onboarding.

The business will simply be required to register on the BringgNow landing page and verify detail. After the information is verified you will have access. BringgNow’s dashboard will then allow it to create orders either manually, a CSV file, a spreadsheet or database. Then the business has to specify if it has its own drivers or select a third-party fleet of their choice.

The order creation and management system come with an intuitive web dashboard. It helps manage a fleet with real-time visibility and transparency for data-based decisions and efficient driver management. The smart order dispatch makes it easy to manage planned deliveries and hotshot orders by dispatching the right drivers at the right time.

The Benefit to Drivers and Customers

Drivers benefit from this platform because it allows them to easily onboard. New drivers can use intuitive iOS and Android interactive driver apps to interact with dispatchers.

From the customer’s perspective, it provides a branded customer experience and keeps them informed with live, track and trace and real-time communications. They can get Short Messaging Service (SMS) on the status of orders, communicate with the driver and capture the rating of delivery experience upon order completion.

Since most smaller restaurants don’t have the means to employ their own flee of drivers, the system also integrates with DoorDash and Postmates’ third-party delivery platforms.

What Bringg does

Bringg is a logistics platform provider for businesses that rely heavily on complex delivery operations. Its platform provides automatic driver dispatch, route optimization, real-time tracking, and reverse logistics. The company support leading brand from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics and services industries.

Through the use of its platform, Bringg offers ‘businesses with cost-effective operations that balance the needs of all the participants in their delivery ecosystem.’


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  1. Due to the pandemic, integrating connections on delivery services would be one of the priorities of small businesses to date. This makes clients feel safer due to minimal contact. It also makes the business commodities accessible.