Brother Unveils New Professional Label Maker

Professional Label Maker

Do you want to step up labeling in your small business? If yes, then the recent offering from Brother can interest you.

Brother International Corporation recently added the newest member to its CUBE Bluetooth® wireless technology label maker series. Named as P-touch CUBE XP (PT-P910BT), this label maker is designed considering the needs of businesses.

Brother P-touch CUBE XP Label Maker

It comes with pre-designed templates that users can access through Brother’s software applications to make label printing easier.

An Overview

The P-touch CUBE XP is a connected label maker. And it offers high-print resolution up to 1½” (36mm).

The label maker has the following features:

Print High-Quality Label Tapes

WIth P-touch CUBE XP, you can get high-resolution printing for durable, crisp, easy-to-read labels at up to 360 dpi for sharp graphics, texts, and barcodes. What’s more, you can use Brother P-touch TZe laminated label tapes up to ~1½ in. (36mm) wide for durable labeling.

Brother P-touch TZe laminated label tapes come in a wide range of types and colors. So you can easily get labeling to meet your needs.

Simple App Integration

You can easily print labels using either iPrint&Label app or P-touch Design&Print2 app from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. With P-touch Editor, you can create customized templated with various designs.

What’s more, with Brother Software Development Kits (SDK), you can access to label printing within your own app or software.

Easy to Get Started

P-touch CUBE XP is shipped with a ~1.4” (36mm) wide x ~13.1’ (4m) long white laminated starter label tape. So you can start printing labels right out of the box.

It features a 2-year limited warranty along with Brother At Your Side support for the life of the label maker. And P-touch CUBE XP costs $299.99, according to Brother’s US website.

How Small Business can Leverage P-touch CUBE XP

P-touch CUBE XP can help help your small business in many ways.

Following are some organization and identification Ideas:

  • Create and print custom barcodes that can help you efficiently manage and track your business’s assets
  • Handle storage and general labeling tasks easily with a variety of tape sizes and colors
  • Create clear, influential signage labels for office and warehouse areas
  • Prints price tags for your products
  • Create different labels for cables and files for easy identification

In short, you can employ P-touch CUBE XP to handle any organization & identification task.

Jacquie Hunter, Director of Labeling Product Marketing at Brother, said in a prepared statement, “Finding ways for your retail shop, restaurant, or small business to stand out is more important than ever in this evolving business landscape,”

“We developed the P-touch CUBE XP specifically with small and medium business users in mind, and are excited to introduce business and developer audiences to a tool that enhances their brand by bringing another level of professionalism and consistency to their customer,” Jacquie concluded.

About Brother International Corporation

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