Spotlight: Bubble Universe Transforms Standard Bubbles Into an Edible Treat

Bubbles have many different applications. They provide fun for kids and pets and can even set craft cocktails apart.

But standard bubbles aren’t exactly healthy to ingest. So Bubble Universe created an alternative. Read about the company’s unique offering in this week’s Small Business Spotlight

What the Business Does

Creates edible bubble products.

Founder Jason Tiger told Small Business Trends, “We have a patented proprietary edible bubble solution that is the safest in the world.”

Business Niche


Tiger says, “We make our solution out of food/USP (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients in the USA. Most bubble solutions are from China with barely filtered water and worse than detergent ingredients.”

How the Business Got Started

Thanks to a partnership with a physician.

Tiger explains, “It started in May 2021 when I partnered with Dr. Dat Tran who is one of the leading pediatric allergists and immunologists in the US. We both understood that the bubble industry was a race to the bottom on price and then ultimately quality. Dr. Dat had kids coming into his practice with allergic reactions and digestive issues to regular bubbles. We knew we wanted to disrupt the industry which had not been changed for years, by creating the world’s safest bubbles and most fun bubbles.”

Biggest Win

Getting some serious recognition.

Tiger says, “Our biggest win thus far was getting a letter from one of the world’s largest testing labs saying how our bubbles were the safest bubbles they have ever seen.”

Biggest Risk

Making a large investment.

Tiger adds, “Our biggest risk was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on our global patent. If we did not get it granted we would have had a major financial loss.”

Lesson Learned

Launch as soon as you have a viable product.

Tiger says, “We waited longer for more perfection when we could have just got it out there and learned faster.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Inventory, inventory, inventory.

Tiger adds, “We can’t keep it in stock.”

Fun Fact

Edible bubbles have lots of different uses.

Tiger says, “We are in over 15,000 bars and restaurants across the globe with smoke in bubbles on cocktails. We are in every Petsmart at the register with our maple bacon bubbles safe for pets. We are also going into every Kroger and are in It’Sugar with our cotton candy edible bubbles.”

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Image: Bubble Universe

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