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Want to build a better business today? It isn’t as hard as you think. Start with these simple ideas and a bit a creativity of your own. Creating a small business that can stand the test of time and changes in the market is a question of hard work and vision. Best of luck on your journey:

Better Business

Be more bankable. You can complain about the lack of available funding or you can do something about it. Did you know that there are steps you can take to make your business more attractive to lending institutions? Three steps in particular will help you make big changes fast. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Where are the smartest businesses growing up? Look no further than these hot hub spots across the nation where cutting edge startups make their homes. Do you have an incredible idea or an existing business that could be a natural fit for one of these hub spots? Where can you grow your business most effectively? Do your research for your market or industry to learn more about “where the action is.” WSJ

Anyone can serve a customer who’s easy to please. The trick, says Jay Goltz, is to serve and satisfy a picky one. And the rewards, he ads, are incredible. Do some simple math to figure out what some of these often long-time customers really cost in time against what they bring in repeat business. The numbers are clear. Serve those picky customers and your bottom line improves. It’s a no-brainer. You’re the Boss

Better Communications

Did you know? Being a better entrepreneur will help you build a better business, but it all starts with education. There are a pile of things probably no one ever told you about starting your own business. In the meantime, you’ve learned many things on your own…which is where this post comes in. Here are some things that might have fallen through the cracks. 365 Days of Startups

More customer satisfaction with mobile. What if there was a technology or tool that guaranteed both greater customer satisfaction and better retention? Would you build your business on it? Of course you would! Then get ready for this new report on what mobile communication can do for your business. The Lunch Pail

Tips for effective use of Twitter. It may not be the largest social media Website on the scene, but some believe it’s the most important one for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let’s look at this list of top rules you may want to consider following when engaging in your Twitter efforts. Birdie’s Typing Service

Better Tips

Tips for integrating social media and mobile. Both are powerful tools to grow your business and establish your brand. You know this already. Add to this the natural fit these channels have for each other. The tools are also inexpensive and can help you reach a wide swath of your audience. What are you waiting for? ShopTalk

Better business networking. Effective small business networking requires a few things. You’ve got to have a group of business people with whom you can easily relate. If you’re trying to build rapport with some new business prospects, here are some steps you may wish to follow first. Tweak Your Biz

Better results are what we all want. But how many of us know how to get them? Many small business people think they’ve got the answer what will turn their business around (if they just had time to implement it.) But sometimes the things that can make the greatest differences of all take little or no time to put into place. M4B Marketing


Risks these entrepreneurs took to make their businesses better. The biggest lesson in building a small business is that there is no success without risk. That risk may not always be financial in the form of investing lots of money in your startup. Here are some examples of the risks business people just like you made to grow their businesses. Dr. Shannon Reece


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  1. To build a better business for me is to have experience in the field before going into any business, entrepreneurship works best when working with prior knowledge and experience. A business owner should be able to have enough money to keep his or her business running for at least a year before expecting to generate a profit. Then you do some research on the market you want to go into.