Building a Business is Worth the Time

Make no mistake. Creating your own small business is hard work. But as you’ll see, there are rewards. Here are some tips, tools and trends to think about while taking the time you need to build your small business.

Small Biz Success

It takes time to build a business! Rachel Strella can attest to that. Over the last 18 months, she admits to spending many 60 hour days building her social media marketing firm based in Camp Hill, PA, but she often finds that people still ask her, What do you do all day? Strella Social Media

Living the dream after layoffs. Some people might think of a layoff as the ultimate bad news, but for Carolyn Higgins it was the first step on the path to helping small businesses think and market the way larger companies do. What can Carolyn teach you about marketing your business today? BizSugar Blog

Tips & Trends

Even celebrities want to be entrepreneurs. Nowadays becoming a small business owner is so popular, even the stars want to get into the act. Take Jessica Alba, star of TV’s “Dark Angel” and The Fantastic Four movies, who recently announced a new e-commerce biz selling eco-friendly products. CNN Small Business

Elections worth their weight in gold. It’s election season again and the dredging up of numerous public issues can mean good opportunities for PR if your business happens to touch upon any of these. Here are nine top ideas to get you started. Understanding Marketing


Don’t over-organize. It’s official! A clean desk may indeed be the sign of a sick mind. One expert says you aren’t doing yourself any favors with endless organizational chores. It’s something to remember in small business and in life.


How do you showcase your expertise? Promoting your knowledge and experience in the area where you have expertise is a huge part of building your brand. And though many Web tools, particularly social media sites, have been created to make this easier, there are basic techniques you must observe. Search Engine People

Transforming Leads Into Sales. It can be a tricky thing to turn leads or prospects into paying customers, but e-mail can be an important tool in this effort, if used correctly. How are you using your e-mail efforts to nurture potential prospects and transform them into customers in the future? HubSpot Blog


Guide to an “enchanting” business plan. Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment, gives this brief overview that may have you looking at business plans a bit differently in the future. There are also some downloads to help you get started. How to Change the World

7 Tips for Startup Companies. Though the following suggestions are made by a research scientist and clearly aimed more at the tech startup, the fact is that these tips can apply to almost any business you can think of. Do they apply to your idea? On Startups


Infographics for your small business. They’re everywhere and super-popular, and if you don’t yet use infographics as a marketing tool for your business, maybe you should. Here are some basic examples of what the medium can do to transmit your message. Small Business Trends

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