Finding the Perfect Audience for Your Business on Social Media

building an audience for your business on social media

Most businesses are aware of the opportunity that social media provides for marketing and customer engagement, with around 4.5 billion social media users around the world. The number of users in the United States alone is set to reach around 257 million in 2023.

Finding the Perfect Audience for Your Business on Social Media

The only issue is knowing how to go about building an audience on the various social media platforms.

To help, innovative production and marketing firm Bang Productions have teamed-up with infographic design agency NowSourcing to create an excellent guide to the importance of social media and how businesses can build their audience.

How Important is Social Media?

The data provided by Bang Productions reveals both Facebook and YouTube boast well over 2 billion global users each, with TikTok and Instagram both having over a billion each. This variety of social media platforms has completely evolved our online interactions. We are now able to discover what’s happening in the world in real-time and access endless amounts of information. We are also able to connect and stay in regular contact across long distances, while finding common ground and embracing new interests.

That last detail is good news for businesses of all sizes, as people like to follow and engage with content created by businesses they like. This in turn generates buzz around a company, helping spread the word and get more eyes on the product.

How to Find Your Audience

There are three phases to building an audience. The first phase involves understanding the anticipated tendencies of each social media platform, and deciding what kind of content you want to create. This first phase is about establishing a foundation by posting a variety of content from which you can analyze the data to then improve your output.

Phase 2 involves fine-tuning the general character or attitude of your online content, and improving the timing of posts to reach more people.

Phase 3 is about constantly making micro improvements. If phases 1 and 2 are executed correctly, then it is now time to adopt an instinctive state of mind without making kneejerk decisions based on audience reactions.

Finding A Perfect Audience

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