Spotlight: Bumpandfuzzies Uses an Interesting Name to Get Attention for Bath Products

variety of bath and body products

Focusing on a beloved hobby may be one of the best ways to start a new business. However, it still takes hard work and strategy. The founder of Bumpandfuzzies has found a good balance in running her bath and body business. She creates products she loves and finds effective ways to get them in front of customers.

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What the Business Does

Sells a variety of bath and body products.

The product line includes soaps, creams, salt scrubs, lip balms and gel candles.

Business Niche

Decorative gel candles.

Owner Lisa Hansen says that customers love the variety of fragrances and long lasting burns.

She adds, “They also make great gifts to travel with and take back to family and friends.”

How the Business Got Started

As a hobby.

Hansen simply enjoyed making soaps for herself.

She adds, “Then it just progressed into making all of the other products.”

Biggest Win

Selling products at a local market.

Hansen explains, “A marketplace for local artists and retailers opened in town. And I rented a booth for a year, which gave me the opportunity to showcase my products in a real store.”

She adds, “It gave my business more exposure and advertising.”

Biggest Risk

Making a big upfront investment.

Hansen says, “My biggest risk was paying for an entire event season in full, up front, not knowing if it was going to be profitable.”

Lesson Learned

Choose the right events.

Hansen explains, “In the beginning I would have been smarter when choosing events. A lot of them overcharged. So I never made a profit.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Creating a place to work on new products.

Hansen says, “I would invest it in a home workshop. I have a shed behind my home that would be perfect for it.”

Major Talking Point

The company name.

Hansen explains, “It’s always been an attention getter and a great conversation starter, giving me the opportunity to talk about my business.”

Business Motto

Take care of your body! Love your body! Be all natural!

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Image: Bumpandfuzzies, Lisa Hansen

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