Business Blogger Test-Drives Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 creates a more mobile environment for small business. Working while on the go has tremendous value for entrepreneurs, obviously. The new device offers value in terms of time and productivity at a budget price not possible with other tools like the iPad. Here’s what you should know about Google’s Nexus 7 and mobile business technology today.

Nexus 7 Basics

Blog from anywhere. Imagine being able to blog from anywhere on a device smaller and more mobile than a laptop or notebook and less expensive than an iPad. One business blogger has been running some tests to see how effective the latest, least expensive tablet is for creating content while on the go. Jim Connolly Dot Com

Still not a smartphone. If you’re one of those business owners trying to maximize the functions attainable with your mobile tablet, here’s a look at how the Nexus 7 can even be used to place and receive phone calls, just like a mobile phone. The Droid Guy

The Nexus 7 revolution. Google’s flagship mobile device may be the most revolutionary tablet released in recent months. But whether it’s the game changer predicted by some, with unprecedented mobility and affordability, remains to be seen. Here are opinions from some experts. ZDNet

Other Options

Microsoft competition surfaces. Rumors claim the new Microsoft surface may come in at a price competitive with the already impressive Nexus 7. The rumored pricing, if true, will put even more affordable mobile devices in the hands of users, including small business owners. CNET

The iPad mini mystery. One wild card in the future of tablets and other mobile technology for business users is still the anticipated iPad Mini. Questions about the mobility, effectiveness, and price of the device persist. Here’s some of the information collected thus far. 9 to 5 Mac

More Reviews

Not just another user experience. You’ll want to read this detailed review of the Nexus 7 if you haven’t tried one out already. Gerrit Vermeulen calls the Nexus 7 an “excellent tablet at an outrageously competitive price.” He advises getting your hands on one, if you have the chance. MyBroadBand

Everything’s obsolete. Or at least Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad could be soon. It looks like everybody’s happy with the functionality, mobility, and price of the Nexus 7. The device has opened up a whole new market of users and surely entrepreneurs will be among them.

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