From Our Community: Business Blogs, Mobile Resources, More

From Our Community: Business Blogs, Mobile Resources, More

Technology has opened so many doors for business owners. There are countless blogs, apps, and devices that professionals can use to help their businesses grow. And members of our small business community have plenty of tips to help you better utilize these tech tools.

We’ve gathered some of the most helpful tips from business blogs and resources in this week’s Small Business Trends community roundup.

Read These Blogs to Help Grow Your Business


There are so many business blogs out there. Even if you don’t blog yourself, you can still learn from them. This post from Jonathan Michael lists 22 of the best business blogs that you should be reading if you want to grow your business. The BizSugar community also shares some thoughts on the list too.

Use Mobile Devices as Learning Tools

(Raytheon Professional Services)

Mobile devices and cloud technology have led to new opportunities for businesses. But this technology has also impacted the way people can learn and access information. This post from Manuel Galadi explains some of the ways professionals can use technology for lifelong learning.

Gain Dedicated Fans

(Kimberly Crossland)

When your business connects with customers online, you can measure success by the number of fans or followers you have. Or you could care more about building relationships and genuine interactions. This post by Kimberly Crossland outlines some of the ways you can measure social media insights. And the BizSugar community discusses the post in more detail.

Discover the Importance of Responsive Websites

(Mash Digital Marketing)

Responsive websites have become much more prominent in recent years, due to the rising popularity of mobile devices. If you haven’t considered making your business’s website responsive, now might be the perfect time. Here, Ken Horst explains the importance of having a responsive website.

Check Out This New Google Tool for Startups

(Marketing Java)

Google is constantly coming out with new tools that could potentially be useful to businesses, particularly small businesses and startups. The company’s latest offering is part of its Cloud Platform for Startups. This post from Leia Schultz offers some details about the program.

Consider Facebook’s New Hyperlocal Targeting

(Dex Media)

For local businesses that use Facebook ads, there’s a new feature that might be of interest. Hyperlocal targeting allows businesses to specifically target mobile users geographically nearby. In this post, Jonathan Larkin explains how this type of targeting works and why your business should consider using it.

Learn Monetization Strategies from Successful Bloggers


More and more businesses are turning to blogging for either promotional or monetary purposes. For those interested in monetizing their business blogs, there are several different strategies for doing so. This post by Marc Andre features monetization tips from 26 different bloggers. Members of the BizSugar community discuss these tips in greater detail as well.

Learn Lessons From Steve Jobs

(The NICE Reboot Book Blog)

This week marked the third anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, one of the most innovative business minds in recent memory. In this post, Penina Rybak discusses some of the lessons she has taken from the example Jobs set. And she shares what she thinks other entrepreneurs can take away from his ideas and accomplishments too.

Make a Visual Resume with SlideShare

(Career Sherpa)

A visual resume is a presentation that can tell more of a story than a traditional resume, making you stand out from the crowd. Particularly for entrepreneurs and professionals who may be looking to get contract jobs or find collaboration opportunities, they can be useful tools. In this post, Hannah Morgan shares some examples of visual resumes on SlideShare.

Achieve These Daily Tasks to Feel At Ease


When you run a business, there are so many different things you need to manage on a daily basis. It can be easy to get overwhelmed. But this post from Timo Kiander includes five tasks you can accomplish each day to achieve peace of mind. BizSugar members also discuss the post here.

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