Business Book Review FAQs

Small Business Trends has one of the largest collections of professional reviews of small business books and entrepreneur books. This business book review FAQs will help you understand how to submit your business book for review.

As of December 2018, we have reviewed over 800 business books. We’ve been reviewing business books for 10 years. We publish new book reviews on Saturday and Sunday.  We also periodically create best book lists, based on our Editors’ picks.

To see examples, visit our Business Books section. Also browse our Top Business Books Lists.

How Do You Get Your Business Book Reviewed?

The answer to how to get your business book reviewed is:  reach out to a lot of potential reviewers.

Authors and publicists should research and make a list of sites that review business books. Then reach out to sites that review books. Simply request a review via email.

Be enthusiastic!  It’s okay to be proud of your book. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Not every site will respond and say yes. Do not take this personally.  It probably has nothing to do with you or the quality of your book.  Site owners may be busy. They may be slammed with commitments and not have time.  The book may simply not be right for their readers.

Therefore, you should reach out to many sites.  The more sites you reach out to, the more “yes” answers you ultimately get.  (You will also be ignored a lot. So don’t get discouraged!)

Of course, you should also encourage your readers to leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and other bookseller sites.

But getting an in-depth review on individual websites such as Small Business Trends will help in other ways.  Getting reviews on individual sites helps:

  • Spread the word with your target audience. You get discovered by readers who may not see your book on that giant retail site.
  • Gain visibility in search engines. And this in turn can help your book get more traction on the big retail sites.

What is the Criteria for Reviewing a Business Book?

Our criteria for what makes a good business book is through the lens of a small business owner.  When reviewing small business books, consider how well the book answers these questions:

  • Usefulness:  Will owners be able to use this book’s information in their small businesses? Does it solve a problem? Or perhaps help the owner meet a goal or improve the business?  Or offer lessons for the owner’s self improvement?
  • Content:  Is the book understandable? Is the quality and quantity of content high?
  • Freshness: Is the subject matter new? If an established area, does the author deliver a fresh and new spin on it? As opposed to rehashing the same old, same old….

Small business owners are pragmatic when it comes to books.  How-to books, simple guides and practical advice tend to be valued.  Lessons-learned books and entrepreneur biographies are also popular with small business owners.

What kind of business books do not resonate with small business owners?  Books based on theory, academic research or Wall Street.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Read Business Books?

There are four main reasons small business owners and entrepreneurs read business books:

  • Affordable learning: Books are an affordable way to continue lifelong learning. Small business owners think about their businesses constantly. They want to improve them.
  • Conference substitute: Conferences may be too expensive. And owners may not be able to take time away from the business.
  • Education on the go: Small business owners on the road a lot in their trucks or cars listen to audio books. It’s an efficient way to learn.
  • Love of reading: Many entrepreneurs are bookworms – who just love to read!

Can your business book meet one of the above needs?  If so, it may be a hit with small business owners.

How Do You Submit a Business Book for Review?

To submit a book for review here at Small Business Trends, email us at:  Please put “Book review” in the subject line.  Keep the email short, with a pithy description of your book.

If we decide to review it, we’ll explain how to submit the book.

  • Eligibility:  We review only business-related books. All books must appeal to a small-business or entrepreneur audience.  All formats and types of publishing are eligible. This includes: ebooks, print books, self-published books, and traditionally-published books.
  • Ethics policy:  Small Business Trends does not request or accept payment for reviewing or adding books to our top book lists. Our reviewers are also required to meet this ethics policy.
  • Editorial staff:  Our Book Editor is Ivana Taylor. Our Assistant Book Editor is Pierre DeBois. Staff reviewers assist the Editors.
  • Review copies:  Most of our reviewers prefer electronic review copies.  Review copies are for purposes of facilitating the review only.
  • Book sell sheet:  A sell sheet is a 1- to 2-page document outlining highlights of the book. A sell sheet is helpful, but not essential. Reviewers sometimes start with these to see what the author believes is most important about the book.  If you do not have a sell sheet, don’t worry. Fewer than 50% of books we review have a sell sheet.

Updated December 15, 2018