Business Book Review FAQs

Small Business Trends has one of the largest collections of professional reviews of small business and entrepreneur books.

As of January 2015, we have reviewed over 500 business books, spanning 6 years. New book reviews are published each Saturday and Sunday morning.  We also periodically create best book lists, based on our Editors’ picks.

Guidelines For Submitting Books for Review

  • Eligibility:  We review only business-related books. All books must appeal to a small-business or entrepreneur audience.  All formats and types of publishing are eligible, including: ebooks, print books, self-published books, and traditionally-published books. To get a feel for the kinds of books we review, please browse our Business Books section.
  • Ethics policy:  Neither Small Business Trends nor individual reviewers request or accept payment for reviewing books or adding books to our top book lists, from anyone.
  • Editorial staff:  Our Book Editor is Ivana Taylor. Our Assistant Book Editor is Pierre DeBois. The Editors are assisted by staff reviewers.
  • Review copies:  Most of our reviewers prefer electronic review copies.  Review copies are for purposes of facilitating the review only, and electronic copies will be deleted or returned afterward upon request.

How to Submit Your Book for Review

To submit a book for review, email us at: [email protected]. Put the words “Book review” in the subject line.

Why The Focus on Books?

It fits naturally with our mission to provide news, resources and advice to help small business owners and entrepreneurs.  With conferences and higher education so pricey, books are an affordable way  that small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs continue lifelong learning.

Supporting these books is also how we give back to the community.  Small business books are a niche often overlooked in the genre of “Business and Finance Books.” The big bestsellers are about Wall Street or titans of industry, and have little relevance to starting or running a small business.

Besides, many of us are book junkies – we just love to read!  And we know entrepreneurs and small business owners do, too.

Updated November 7, 2017