Experts Share Better Ideas for Business Dashboards and Brand Marketing

Experts Share Better Ideas for Business Dashboards and Brand Marketing

You can learn a lot from other entrepreneurs. You can look at their successes, their failures, and even read or listen to what they have to say.

Members of the small business community have plenty of valuable knowledge to share. Here are some of their most valuable business lessons in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Check Out These Smart Ways to Use Business Dashboards

(U.S. Small Business Administration)

Business dashboards provide a great source of data for small businesses. But that data can only help your business if you know how to use it. Here, Anita Campbell shares 10 ways smart business owners use their business dashboards.

Learn These Brand Marketing Lessons from the Military


Military members display strength, courage and plenty of other positive traits that small business owners can learn a lot from. There are even marketing lessons to be learned from various branches of the armed forces, as Sinead McIntyre shares.

Take This Path To a Better YouTube Channel

(Ileane Smith)

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing strategies for reaching online audiences. If you are interested in growing and improving your business’s YouTube channel, take a look at these tips from Ileane Smith. Then take a look at the conversation about this post over on BizSugar.

Learn These Marketing Lessons from “Movember”


“Movember” is an annual month long event created to raise awareness and funding for men’s health issues. And since it tends to get a lot of attention every year, there are some marketing lessons you can learn from it. Kathryn Wheeler includes an infographic about what marketers can learn from Movember.

Use Effective Communication for Great Teamwork


All great leaders need communication skills. So as a business owner, you have a responsibility to your team to communicate with them effectively. And that can lead to improved teamwork, as Andy Cleff explains here. He also shares some tips for effective communication with your team.

Create a Positive Brand Image

(Daniel Setiawan)

Your brand’s image can have a huge impact on the overall success of your business. If customers have certain perceptions about your brand, it can impact how much they might pay for your items and how they might pass along information to others. For some tips on creating a positive image for your brand, see this post by Daniel Setiawan.

Use Content Marketing to Improve Sales

(Vertical Measures)

Content marketing has completely changed the selling process for many businesses. And if you know how to use it effectively, it can actually make the lives of your sales reps a lot easier. In this post, Mike Huber shares some tips for using content marketing to improve your sales.

Learn the Difference Between Good and Bad Brochure Copywriting

(Copywrite Matters)

Lots of business lessons are best learned through examples – both good and bad. This post by Belinda Weaver includes some examples of both good and bad copywriting in brochures. The BizSugar community also shared their thoughts on the post here.

Win at Holiday Business with Customer Service and Great Timing


Holidays provide great opportunities for small businesses to reach out to customers. To make the most of that opportunity, you need a great mix of customer service and timing. Bruce Birkett explains why that’s a great strategy in this post.

Avoid These SEO Mistakes for Your New Website


Good SEO starts with your own website. But there are lots of new small business websites out there that make some common mistakes when it comes to SEO. Ian Spencer outlines some of those mistakes in this post, along with some tips to avoid them.

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