Where to Find a Business Security Service for Your Company

Every small business owner needs some type of security system. The business security systems available can be umbrella-type, covering several aspects, or focused on a particular need.

For example, one managed security service provider may solely cover surveillance outdoor camera systems. Another may provide surveillance, alarm systems, 24/7 monitoring, and access control.

No matter what type of small business you own – even if you’re a sole proprietor with a handful of customers – you need a cybersecurity system to protect your business and customers’ data. You may also need to enhance cybersecurity to extend to employees working from home.

The Importance of Business Security Services for Companies

A safe and secure business environment is necessary for the owner, employees and customers.

The best security systems are those which best fit your type of operation. For example, if you’re running a limo service, you may want indoor and outdoor cameras covering the interior of your garage and parking lot.

Having a business security system is critical. The presence of one (advertised by signage) can be a detriment to criminals who were planning a break-in. It can also make customers feel more secure and enhance your company’s reputation.

Understanding Business Security

You can start by listing the aspects of your business where protection is needed. Your list might look something like this:

  • Employee/customer parking area
  • Building Access, including doors and windows
  • Equipment (such as machinery, computers, etc) and inventory
  • Customer data, such as addresses, phone numbers, payment information
  • Environmental Impact (extreme temperatures, flooding, storms)

Small Business Security Systems: What You Need to Know

Here are the basic types of small business security systems:

  • Surveillance – Small businesses need high-quality video surveillance, and the technology for attaining that has dropped in price. The basic home security system type won’t make the grade; small businesses need a video surveillance system that includes indoor and outdoor cameras and professional monitoring.
  • Business alarm system – Business alarm systems can be wired or wireless, with wireless systems most often the best choice. The wireless systems will work when no power, such as a power outage leading to break-ins/looting. Both systems work via sensors placed at key points, such as doors and windows (glass break sensors). The best business security systems include professional monitoring centers that automatically notify you and initiate an emergency response. During work hours, businesses can opt to include panic buttons, which can be activated by contact from an employee.
  • Environmental Impact/Emergency system – A small business security system for a commercial property may be needed to protect valuable equipment and inventory from disasters such as water leaks, fire, flood or even extremely high temperatures (which can damage sensitive equipment). This business security system includes professional monitoring or alarm systems that activate at multiple points.
  • Access Control – A security solution for access control usually includes keyless entry, using video verification, smart cards, or metric recognition of a fingerprint or face. Small businesses with multiple employees need this type of security system to track who has accessed the property and when. Can a business customize access control security systems to get a track record of employees? Absolutely.
  • Cybersecurity – This type of security system is one of the top security needs for a successful business. Before choosing a cyber security solution, consider getting a cybersecurity insurance policy. These can often be added to your general Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). You will most likely be required to have a cyber security solution in place to get an insurance policy to protect your business.

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Choosing the Right Business Security Service for Your Company

Which types of security systems do you need? Considerations include key features, type of security systems, the company’s experience handling security for your business, and the customer service (such as professional monitoring) the security company will provide.

Some security business services focus on a particular aspect, such as security cameras, while others have a range of services to combine needed aspects.

For example, ADT offers customizable packages (with some free equipment) by industry, such as food and beverage, retail, and manufacturing/warehousing. ADT offers various levels of selected services, such as monitoring, number of cameras, etc.

Key Features of Professional Business Security Services

Do you want to start with barebones security systems which include an outdoor camera and lights which are motion sensors? This type of system is similar to a basic home security system, and you can probably handle this as a DIY project, but will that be enough? Would a basic DIY home security system cover all your business needs?

Cybersecurity measures using the latest technology are a must. These companies include a monitoring plan which updates in response to the latest threats and types of access hackers are attempting. One of the benefits of the monitoring plan is that it will also let you know if and when threats were detected and averted.

Basic video surveillance of employee parking and entrance-specific areas helps them gain peace of mind regarding their personal safety and manage the security of their parked vehicles. Those areas should be well-lighted and equipped with motion sensors for use after hours. However, without a professional monitoring system plan, you won’t be notified of issues or break-ins as they happen – instead, you and law enforcement will be reviewing video footage.

Alarm systems can be connected to a smartphone app as part of the monitoring plan. The monitoring plan system can be set up to notify police, you and any key employees in case of a break-in, such as one detected by glass break sensors. With the smartphone app, false alarms can be quickly defused. Security cameras can be set up to police specific needs, such as valuable equipment, especially if stored outside (construction and mining equipment, for example). Without a monitoring plan, a security system can still help businesses catch a thief/vandal after the fact.

Businesses hosting a special event should consider adding security event planning services. Of course, you can hire a security guard or guards, and you may also want to add security cameras/video and monitoring for the event.

Where to Find Reliable Business Security Services for Your Company

Okay, you can open an account and put your money with a business security systems provider. How can you find the best fit for your small business?

Your Employees

Start with your own workforce. Raise awareness through employee training. Did you know that most workplace computer system attacks come from emails with attachments? Make sure that employees who are working from home have secure systems.


Join your local Chamber of Commerce and initiate contacts with other business owners. Ask them for recommendations, pros and cons.

Law Enforcement

Meet with your local Chief or Sheriff and find out how most break-ins or other crimes are happening at businesses. You can ask law enforcement for additional monitoring (drive-bys) during key times. For example, if you’re a contractor with tools and other equipment at a job site. Also, ask law enforcement to rate the available security systems by effectiveness.


Yes, lawyers provide many small business legal services. Those specializing in small business work also know the track records of various companies, including the type of security equipment they provide and its effectiveness. Ask your business attorney for recommendations.

Online Search

You can do an online search and make comparisons. You can calculate the range of costs, which can include activation fees for monitoring. Two businesses in the same industry can have very different needs for security equipment, depending on their location.

Local Directories

You may find another small business owner who operates a security company in your area. You’ll be helping another local business and gaining the advice of someone familiar with local needs.


If you’re tech-savvy and handy, you can certainly set up a security system yourself. But bear in mind that in the event of a problem, a professional security company won’t have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Security Services

What are business security services?

Business security services can include surveillance, alarm systems, access control and cybersecurity.

Why are small business security systems important?

Small business security systems are important because they protect your investment in your business and provide greater security for employees and customers.

How do I choose the right business security service for my company?

Do diligent research, and network with business professionals you trust.

Where can I find reliable business security services for my company?

You can find business security services from a variety of sources, such as networking with other business owners, getting advice from the legal and law enforcement fields, and searching online and local directories.

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