“Doing Business As” Registration (DBA)

Congratulations on completing the Business Structure Quiz! Based on your responses, you should look at a DBA (“doing business as” or fictitious name registration) for your business structure.

DBAs are sole proprietorships, when a single person is filing. DBAs are sometimes called Fictitious Business Names (FBNs), assumed business names or trade names.

A DBA can come in several forms:

  • Sole proprietorships (single person DBA filing)
  • Partnerships (2 or more people DBA filing)
  • Limited Partnerships

There is no real difference between them and they all serve the same purpose: to provide notice to the public of the true owner of a business when the identity would not otherwise be known from the name of the business itself. To accomplish this, many jurisdictions require that the FBN be published in the legal notices section of a newspaper meeting specific requirements over a specified time period. If you are a sole proprietor or general partnership conducting business using a special name that is different from your own name, then you must file a DBA (Doing Business As) registration.

The same is true if you have incorporated or formed a limited liability company (LLC) and are operating the business under a name that is different from the name of the company or LLC. DBAs are filed at the state or county level. For more detailed information, download CorpNet’s FREE Guide to Filing a DBA.

Since the specific requirements for DBA filings differ from place to place, CorpNet is well-suited to help you navigate the requirements and handle the required paperwork. Once you give us the necessary information, we prepare the documents for you. If the appropriate jurisdiction for your filing requires a name search, we will do that for you. After you sign the DBA forms, we file them and, for those states with a publication requirement, we work directly with the newspapers to meet that requirement on your behalf.

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