10 Great Sources for Business Training Videos

10 Great Sources for Business Training Videos

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Development and efficiency are crucial for businesses striving to advance and become more competitive. Business training videos provide an effective and convenient way for businesses to train and develop teams, whilst saving on time, money and resources. The internet is awash with training videos that businesses can watch and benefit from at their leisure.

If you’re a business interested in using training videos to benefit your organization, Small Business Trends has identified ten great sources for business training videos.

Where to Find Great Business Training Videos


Lynda.com is home to 5,877 courses in business, technology and creative skills, which are taught by industry experts, designed to teach new skills and enhance existing ones. Businesses can browse through the extensive subscription library and learn and train from anywhere on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Lynda.com also provides team training, whereby companies can upskill their entire workforce. Basic membership for Lynda.com is $25 per month, though many of the video tutorials are accessible for free.


EdX was founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT and is an online learning destination which provides quality learning courses from some of the best universities and institutions around the world. It’s EdX’s aim to increase access to high quality education for everyone, everywhere. Businesses can search through EdX’s courses in category order, enabling individuals and teams enrol on courses applicable to their industry and enhance skills and knowledge.


Coursera.org provides a wealth of online video tutorials for enterprises, delivered by more than 150 global university partners. Companies can meet their evolving needs by having access to quality tutorial content. Coursera.org specializes in courses in business, data science, computer science, personal development, leadership and technology. Handpicked courses can be customized and aligned to a business’s bespoke needs. Coursera’s pricing plans are flexible depending on the requirements of the business. Courses start from $100 for up to 1 course per person, with bulk discounts available.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a convenient way to bring classes to an iPad. From engaging video tutorials to polished presentations, teams can learn new skills and train from the convenience of their iPad with iTunes U. iTunes U offers a simple way to deliver tutorials, lessons and grade assignments from one mobile device.

Learn Vest

Money management is a vital component of business success and Learn Vest is a learning resource site that offers finance classes for businesses and individuals. Learn Vest provides a curated library of live-streaming classes designed to help businesses manage their money. The site provides professional financial advice for a one-time setup fee of $299 and an on-going support cost of $19 a month.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit company with a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. The site offers a range of training videos in Math, Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Computing, Economics and Finance, and more. Businesses can take advantage of the instructional videos available on Khan Academy, particularly the Entrepreneurship videos, which provide insight from leading global entrepreneurs about different aspects of running a business. Videos, lectures and slides be downloaded for free.


From customer service training to a diploma in human resources, Alison is a great platform for learning videos and courses for businesses to benefit from. Alison enables learners to learn at their own time and track and manage their time through a practical learner dashboard. Through Alison Learning Paths, businesses can update skillsets or master a new subject or focus from the convenience of their own device. Alison has over 800 free to access courses available.

No Excuse List

No Excuse List is a great comparison site, which lists many of the best business training video sources on the internet. The site lists the resources in categories, ranging from academics to computer programming, cooking to languages, and more, enabling businesses to search for a relevant course site with ease. Xuan Li, a blogger based in New York, who runs No Excuse List, said he created the site, as “There’s no longer an excuse for not being able to learn something.”


YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the internet, providing videos on just about any topic. Businesses can take advantage of the video-sharing website by watching videos relevant to their field. For example, companies looking for business development tips, advice and strategies, simply type in ‘business development’ into YouTube and 8,970,000 results will appear on videos offering business development advice. What’s more, the videos on offer on YouTube are free to download and watch.


Saylor.org provides a wealth of free, open online courses available for people everywhere. These tuition courses come in a myriad of subjects ranging from business administration to economics, communication to professional development. Saylor.org’s free, self-paced courses provide indiviudals, entrepreneurs and members of staff with vital training, learning and support to help improve knowledge and skillsets in a convenient and digestible way.

With the endless amount of video tutorials and training available on the World Wide Web, there’s no excuse for businesses not to advance skills and get ahead competitively.

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