Interesting Businesses for Sale Nationwide Right Now

businesses for sale nationwide right now

Are you looking for a business opportunity that has the potential to grow and thrive?

From a family-run sandwich shop in Florida to an Oregon-based window cover manufacturing company, there are a variety of unique businesses that could be just what you need to launch your own success story.


Interesting Businesses for Sale Nationwide Right Now

Here’s a look at just some of the interesting businesses for sale across the United States right now.

20+ Year Tarpon Springs Staple Sandwich Shop

If you’re a sandwich lover in Pinellas County, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this Tarpon Springs staple sandwich shop. What you may not know is that this beloved sandwich shop in Tarpon Springs, FL, has been around for over 20 years and that it owes its success to the owner’s mother – the ORIGINAL MUZZIE.

In the late 90s, Muzzie decided to bring her passion for sandwiches to the people of Pinellas County, and since then, her son-in-law and the dedicated team have continued to carry on her legacy. The result is a sandwich shop that has become a household name, known for its comfort food and delicious, fresh-made sandwiches piled high with quality ingredients.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this business opportunity is that there are only a handful of sandwich shops in the city limits, and none have been around for as long as this one. When you buy this business for $125K, you’ll get not only the shop but also all of the equipment, recipes, and even the original MUZZIE sign. The shop has a gross revenue of $250K and a cash flow of $80K.


Graphics Products Distributor for Sale

If you’re in the market for a business with a reliable customer base and vast potential for growth, then this niche graphics products distributor in New Haven County may be just what you need. The Connecticut-based company specializes in providing graphics products to clients, giving them the option of laminating the images themselves or taking advantage of the company’s value-added service by having the finished product fabricated for re-sale.

What’s more, the company has been able to tap into a growing market of smaller craft-type end-users through its online direct sale business. This has opened up a new outlet for revenue generation that promises to only grow in the years to come.

If you’re wondering about the financials, this business has gross revenues of $2.5M and a cash flow of $215K. This means that it is not only a solid investment in terms of stability but also has the potential for significant returns. The 6,500 SF facility that comes with $100K in equipment can be yours for $595K.


Highly Profitable Dog Training & Boarding Business Includes Real Estate

Dog lovers looking to invest in a highly profitable business should put Adams K9 in Hudsonville, MI, at the top of their list. This thriving dog training & boarding business is a fantastic investment opportunity for those looking for passive income or those eager to play an active role in day-to-day operations.

With over two decades of experience in dog training & boarding, the owner has developed a proprietary dog training method that puts them ahead of the competition. The owner has perfected the method to the point that he can effectively teach it to a buyer, even if they have no experience. Additional trainers could be employed to increase revenue.

The business is listed for $995K. The offer includes real estate and a 4,580 SF facility equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for dog training & boarding services. In terms of financials, the business has gross revenues of $539K and a cash flow of nearly $188K. This means that the investment is not only stable but also holds strong potential for significant returns.


Selling Gas, Liquor, Supplies and Great Barbecue. Opened in 1896

Sawpit Mercantile, a renowned and historic business in the Down Valley Telluride community, has been operating since 1897. With over 120 years of experience, this charming Colorado-based store has become an essential part of the community. One of its unique features is the diverse range of products they offer. Not only do they sell gas, liquor, and supplies, but they also serve delicious barbecue, making it a one-stop shop for locals and tourists alike.

The value of this business opportunity extends far beyond its history and traditions, however, and opportunities for growth and expansion are significant. One potential avenue is participating in local Farmers’ Markets to increase its reach and appeal to a wider customer base. Others are BBQ delivery services and expanding their existing catering services, as Telluride is a popular wedding destination.

The business is listed for $850K, and all real estate, equipment and inventory is included in the sale. Lastly, the financials show this is a solid investment opportunity with gross revenues of $1.2 million and a cash flow of nearly $125K.


Maui, Hawaii – Popular Restaurant with Liquor License

Looking for a solid investment opportunity in the restaurant industry? Look no further than this popular Thai restaurant that has had visitors leave stellar reviews on 3rd-party sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor! Conveniently located near the beach, this restaurant enjoys ample foot traffic, turning it into a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The financials speak for themselves, as 2022 sales reached $1.1 million, with a gross profit margin of 65.4%. The establishment also generated over $234K in the seller’s discretionary earnings. While these figures are impressive, it’s worth noting that prior to the pandemic, the restaurant also served breakfast, which in 2019 generated over $357,000 in sales. Breakfast could be reintroduced once the new owner takes over, which could increase revenues and profits substantially.

In 2021, 23% of the restaurant’s sales were alcohol. With a full liquor license in place and a loyal customer base, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to break into the restaurant industry or expand their portfolio. The asking price for this restaurant is $695K, a fair price for a restaurant with such a long-standing reputation and proven financial success.


Profitable Cut and Sew business in the Adventure Van Space

Established in 2019, Quest Overland is a profitable cut and sew company in Ashland, OR. The company specializes in insulated window covers for RV and adventure vans. The window covers are designed to provide privacy and interior temperature regulation to popular models like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Dodge Promaster, and Ford Transit. These accessories provide privacy and regulate the van’s interior temperatures.

All the manufacturing and shipping of the window covers are performed in their leased 1,200 SF space which will run the buyer $1,280 per month. The seller is open to training the buyer on responsibilities, which include managing the shipping and customer service.

The company has had impressive financial performance, with gross sales of $550K and a cash flow of $120K. The asking price for the business is $382K, and seller financing is available. The price includes all inventory, machines and two employees that would like to continue working with the new owner.


Turnkey Indoor Playground and Arcade Business for Sale!

For those entrepreneurs who are a child at heart, this turnkey indoor playground and arcade franchise is the perfect one to invest in! The franchisors are establishing their presence in Arizona, and this one available in Phoenix represents one of the largest three-tiered playgrounds in the industry. Plus, the competition will be unable to provide the variety of services featured there.

One of the best features of this franchise is its potential for growth and expansion. It already offers party and event packages, but there is more than enough opportunity to expand this service and generate even more revenue through marketing strategies that target prospects with email campaigns.

The franchise has a proven track record of generating over $780K in annual revenue with a cash flow of nearly $156K. The listing price of $495K includes an arcade, playground, indoor gymnasium and restaurant.

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