55 Percent of Buyers Prefer Shopping with Brands Over Retailers

55 Percent of Buyers Prefer Shopping with Brands Over Retailers

More than half of all shoppers (55 percent) say they want to shop directly at the brand manufacturer rather than a retailer. That’s great if you own a manufacturing company and put your name on your products.

If, however, you are a retailer, you might want to revisit your strategy to attract and retain your customers.

The 2017 Global Brand Shopper Survey by digital commerce agency, Astound Commerce, provides insights into consumer shopping preferences. It also offers useful tips to help businesses meet consumer needs.

Heightened User Experience Makes Brand Websites More Appealing to Buyers

The study found most users (59 percent) are drawn to a brand’s website because they use it anyway to research new products.

Thirty-seven percent of shoppers said they expect a more engaging experience on a brand’s website than a retailer’s.

Equally important is the competitive pricing factor for these shoppers. Half of respondents expect better prices on a brand manufacturer’s website.

In-Store Experience Important to Consumers

The study also revealed some interesting insights on consumer behavior when shoppers visit physical stores. About 59 percent of respondents said they visit a physical store to seek out the full brand experience they don’t believe they can get online.

It’s also important for most consumers (70 percent) to touch and feel the product before they purchase it.

Offer Customers Unique Digital Experiences to Engage Them Online

With almost half of online shoppers visiting mobile and social channels, it is important for brands to refocus their digital strategy.

Next-generation technologies such as virtual and augmented reality can play a major role in reaching the connected consumer.

“Consumers’ heightened expectations for digital commerce means brands must master online selling and present compelling and competitive shopping experiences, on par with multi-brand counterparts,” said Lauren Freedman, Senior VicePresident of Digital Strategy for Astound Commerce in a release.

California-based Astound Commerce surveyed 1,000 consumers who shop online and have visited a brand manufacturer’s website in the past six months.

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