Canva Drops 10 Gifts for Creators at Canva Create

As Canva approaches the tenth anniversary since its launch in 2013, the team behind the online design and publishing tool has gifted its 125 million users 10 new tools and features. The gifts were dropped onto the homepages of the Canva platform, and we can now reveal what each of the ten gifts were.

canva drops 10 gifts for creators

Canva Drops 10 Gifts for Creators at Canva Create

Here’s a look at what Canva dropped on creators using the platform during its recent event.

Gift #1 – Magic Design

Magic Design lets you upload an image that can then be automatically embellished according to your curated selection of personalized and fully customizable templates depending on the style you select.

Gift #2 – Draw

Draw is a new way to draw across any type of design which also recognizes what you’re creating and helps smooth out the shapes. Soon you will also be able to use Draw to match your sketch to options in the element library.

Gift #3 – Translate

The new Translate feature helps you share your designs with the world. You just add text to your design, pick the language from over 100 options, and instantly convert the text.

Gift #4 – Magic Eraser and Magic Edit

Magic Eraser lets you quickly remove unwanted distractions such as cluttered props on a table in a photo you’re editing. You can also use Magic Edit to swap out or add new elements, such as a teapot for a bunch of flowers in a campaign image.

Gift #5 – Beat Sync

Create a dynamic social-media-ready video in seconds with Beat Sync. Just upload  the music track or select one from the library and one click of Beat Sync will perfectly align your footage to the beat of the chosen soundtrack.

Gift #6 – Automated First Draft

Instantly create a first draft of your Canva Presentation by letting Magic Design generate it with just a few words as a prompt. Magic Design intuitively fills out your story across a professional-looking slide deck with an outline and content.

Gift #7 – Magic Write Expansion

Magic Write has been helping Canva users create everything from speeches to SEO-friendly blog posts and original poems, and now you can use it across the entire Visual Worksuite. This includes websites, presentations, social media, whiteboards and more. Magic Write is also now available in 18 languages.

Gift #8 – Text to Image Improvements

Text to Image has always let you create unique images from a simple description in a matter of seconds, and now this feature has much higher quality outputs. The resolution of images has been increased by 16 times, with the generation speed reduced by around 68%. Text to Image also has some new styles to choose from, including analog Film and the cyberpunk-style of Retrowave.

Gift #9 – Create an Animation

The new Create an Animation feature lets you draw the path you want your animation to take, and you can speed it up or slow it down as you go. The Create an Animation feature can also be used for social media designs and presentations, as well as videos.

Gift #10: – New Brand Hub

The new Brand Hub brings together all of the ingredients you need to create an on-brand design in once place, including brand templates and brand guidelines. It will also house the font options, graphics and logos, as well as all of your projects to date.

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