Capital One Launches Small Unites to Support Small Business

Small Unites

Capital One Business, providers of financial products and services, has announced the launch of Small Unites. The program provides support and relief to small businesses through education, promotion, and donations.

Small Unites is aimed at empowering consumers across the US to support their favorite small businesses. Loyal shoppers can show support through cash donations, purchasing a business’s goods or services, or promoting businesses on social media.

Capital One Business Small Unites Program

Small Unites also operates as a resource for small businesses to be informed and offer advice on best business practices. Small businesses can tell their story to communities on Small Unites. Being involved in the Small Unites campaign will help business owners engage with others and amplify their business.

Supporting the Backbone of the US Economy

Small businesses are considered the backbone of the US economy. Small businesses employ almost half of the United States’ private workforce. As the economy fights back following Covid-19, it’s important small businesses have the right resources and information at their disposal.

The aim of Small Unites is to provide small businesses with the tools to help them navigate these testing times.

As Brad Jiulianti, head of small business card at Capital One, comments: “Small business is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy – 44 percent of U.S. economic activity is generated by small businesses and 80 percent of American small businesses have been impacted by the pandemic.

“While the show of support for the small business community from major corporations and individuals alike has been extraordinary thus far, we needed a single support group like Small Unites to bring everyone together. Capital One Business is proud to support the small businesses which unite our communities, especially when they need us most,” Jiulianti continued.

Small Unites is supported by a diverse coalition of brands, including GoFundMe, HundredX, the National Urban League and Ogilvy. The program represents a $50mm collective investment of time, resources and donations.

Three Fundraising Options to Support Small Businesses

When accessing the Small Unites program, donors have three fundraising options. They can search through a centralized hub of small businesses with verified fundraisers to donate to. Alternatively, donors can give to an overall fund, known as the Small Business Relief Fund. Donations to the relief fund are issued to qualifying small businesses as matching grants through GoFundMe.

The third option donors have is to support the National Urban League’s Entrepreneurship Center Program. The program helps consumers support minority-owned businesses in their local community. The National Urban League’s Entrepreneurship Center Program provides minority-owned businesses with training, mentoring and technical assistance.

Leave Feedback Via the HundredX Platform

Hundredx recognizes consumers may not have the financial means to provide the support to local businesses they’d like to. Consequently, the providers of data reports and custom feedback solutions has created an opportunity for people to provide support without cash. Users of the Small Unite program can access the HundredX platform and leave positive reviews about their favorite local businesses. For every review, HundredX will contribute $2 to support small and minority-owned businesses.

Ogilvry, specialists in advertising, marketing, and public relations, is helping to spread the word about the Small Unites platform. Ogilvry has launched a creative promotional campaign designed to inspire consumers to take action.

By becoming involved in Small Unites consumers can help inject some much-needed support and financial assistance into small businesses.


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