Spotlight: Carol Rudick The Print Pro Proves That Old School Promotions Still Work for Businesses

Carol Rudick The Print Pro Offers a Promotional Services for Business

Even with the rising prominence of online media, printing still has plenty of benefits for businesses. And Carol Rudick The Print Pro helps clients reap those benefits.

Though the business started out of necessity, Rudick grew it thanks to helpful relationships with colleagues. Read all about her journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a variety of printing and promotional services for businesses.

Rudick told Small Business Trends, “I am a small woman owned business providing my clients with all of their printing and promotional needs. I am a distributor. So they only need to make one call to get everything that they need to run and promote their business.”

Business Niche

Providing personalized service and recommendations.

Rudick says, “It is face to face or via Zoom as I like to have the chance to meet my clients and get a sense of what they are thinking and what is appropriate for their business. I never try to oversell or sell them something inappropriate.”

How the Business Got Started

After a career setback.

Rudick explains, “I got laid off for the second time in 2009. And after working in a couple of different industries I decided to go back to doing what I know and love. I have been in the printing and promotional industry for 37 years.”

Biggest Win

Forming an early business relationship.

Rudick says, “My biggest win was when I started the business and reached out to my former boss who told me he would help me in any way he could. And that came about because I told him I would not go after my old accounts unless they came to me. We have now been friends and business associates for 18 years. And I am so proud of myself as I built this business from scratch.”

Biggest Risk

Starting the business during a recession.

Rudick adds, “If it didn’t work out I would have had to take any job I could get at a much lower pay than what I had been making.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Upgrading the marketing and tech tools.

Rudick says, “[I would] improve my website, do more marketing, upgrade my computer and laptop.”


If You Can Think It…We Can Ink It!

Rudick adds, “And we literally can. I have done everything for an abacus for a bank, condoms for a frat house, stuffed animals and actually had a new plumbing business consider doing plungers with their company info on them. This business is fun, crazy and I love it!”

Favorite Quote

“God made man. Then he stepped back, looked him over, and said, ” I can do better than that,” and He made Woman.” -Mary Crowley

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Image: Carol Rudick, Facebook

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  1. Paper marketing is working better now than it did years ago. I agree!