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Constellation eBook Case Study

Constellation Overview

Constellation is an energy provider for small business and residential customers, and part of Exelon, a Fortune 500 company. As an energy provider, the company helps small businesses be more cost efficient and energy efficient, thereby improving their operations.

Constellation Business Challenges

Constellation wanted to become better known within the small business market and a trusted provider in the regions it serves. While the company had some content on its own website specifically for small businesses, the amount of the content was limited. Constellation wanted to create more in-depth content with a trusted partner already well known in the small business space. At the same time, it wanted to develop leads to small business owners who were interested in energy conservation and sustainability, as well as operational cost savings.

“It’s not enough to create great content if small business owners don’t trust you. We’ve found that Small Business Trends and its community of experts and influencers has been invaluable in creating that authentic connection and relationship with small business owners,” said Michael Cammon, Director, Digital Marketing and Development at Constellation.

Constellation Solution

After reviewing a number of approaches, Constellation determined that an in-depth ebook specifically for small businesses, including home-based small businesses, was in order. Since Constellation had some information suggesting interest in tax benefits around energy, a tax ebook was launched during tax-return season.

Not only did the ebook provide content, but it was email gated to require an opt-in by the small business owner in order to access it, thereby generating a potential lead for Constellation. Working with the Small Business Trends team, which recruited tax expert and influencer Barbara Weltman, an in-depth ebook was written and professionally designed, then placed online. Small Business Trends promoted the ebook through its website and various social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Constellation Results

The Constellation management team received access to a custom client dashboard created by Small Business Trends. The dashboard view provides real-time statistics about the number of downloads and social shares for the ebook. The dashboard also provides real-time access to the email opt-in addresses, which can then be used for leads.

In a period of 45 days, the ebook generated over 850 email leads. Even better, the ebook will continue to be relevant and generate leads and social shares, over a longer period of time than the initial campaign.

“This ebook has been a stunning success!” said Cammon. “It’s allowed us to share valuable information with small business owners and it’s generated qualified and engaged warm leads.”

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