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SBA Twitter Chat Case Study

SBA Twitter Chat Overview

The U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”) serves the needs of America’s 29 million small businesses, through providing support and educational resources.

As part of its activities, the SBA engages in providing content and participates in social media for small business owners.

Small Business Trends has been a supporter of the SBA’s mission for a number of years. Through its founder and CEO, Anita Campbell, the company has provided monthly content for the Industry Word, an official SBA blog, on a volunteer basis. Publishing content on the SBA blog is by invitation only, and available only to a select few, recognized influencer voices.

In addition, Small Business Trends and its CEO Anita Campbell assist the SBA’s mission by volunteering in Twitter chats arranged by the SBA. While discussion in the Twitter chats is open to anyone in the public, of course, only a select few partners are recognized by the SBA for purposes of being named participants in the chat — and that includes Anita Campbell and Small Business Trends through the @smallbiztrends Twitter handle.


Challenges include the mandate to:

  • Engage the small business community, amplifying valuable chat content so it reaches as far as possible.
  • Promote the chats in advance to secure as much involvement and visibility as possible.


Small Business Trends and its influencer CEO Anita Campbell have consistently ranked among the top results of all participants in SBA chats, in terms of Twitter impressions generated. In most cases the @smallbiztrends handle ranks in the top two in total number of impressions generated, as well as the number tweets and retweets. Usually the numbers exceed the official @SBAgov handle numbers — and far exceed many large brand Twitter accounts. This is based on reports issued by the SBA following the chats.

Sample metrics generated during a recent one-hour Twitter chat have included the following results for the @smallbiztrends Twitter handle:

SBA Twitter Chat Case Study
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