February 22, 2017


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Researching Buyer Personas? Join in This Webinar to Learn More

Depending on the types of sales your small business handles on a regular basis, your approach to marketing will vary greatly. By checking out the "Leverage Purchase Types to Win More Customers for Less" webinar, you'll know how to handle any kind of sale.

MyBlogU Contest Invites You To Start a New Site

A new contest from MyBlogU encourages Internet entrepreneurs to create a new blog from scratch and build its traffic with help from MyBlogU. The winner -- based on traffic data -- will get a one-on-one coaching session with MyBlogU experts to double the site's traffic.

Samsung SSTV Giveaway, Meet Our Winners!

It's time to announcement the winners of SSTV Giveaway at Small Business Trends. Kudos to the creators of the two winning tweets: Kimberly Thompson and Suzanne Lankford.

Verisign’s #InternetOfficial Contest has a Winner

Winners of the first #InternetOfficial build a website that encourages children to take an active interest in cooking. Read more about the people and motives behind KidsCookDinner.com in this overview of the contest's winning entry.

Podcast: Employee Benefits Lead to Satisfied Employees

Recruiting and retaining the best employees comes down to more than just offering the highest salaries. That's good news for small business owners who often can't compete on that level. Fortunately, there is something these smaller companies can do to level the playing field. An upcoming Podcast has more.

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