Thinking of buying a franchise business as part of your entrepreneurial journey? Franchises are popular with prospective small business owners. 


We’ve identified hundreds of franchise opportunities from the most profitable franchises to low cost ones across the franchise industry. Our Franchise Guide gives you the background information you need.

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Franchising an Existing Business

If you want to franchise your existing business, there’s a lot of information you need to know before entering the franchise industry. Start your road to a franchise business with the articles below.

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Here at Small Business Trends we have been covering the franchise industry from a franchisee perspective for over a dozen years, as part of our services for small business owners. Franchising is a perennially popular form of small business ownership. Our content is written or reviewed by franchise industry professionals for accuracy, authenticity and authoritativeness. From the franchise disclosure document to the franchise fee and initial investment, we cover all important information about franchise opportunities for franchisees.