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Recycling, sustainability, alternative energy, and just plain old frugal responsibility when it comes to running a business…. Learn how to become a green business — or at least how to become “greener.”

The HearO Tennis Ball Speaker is a Green Solution Fans Will Love

The HearO Tennis Ball Speaker is a Green Solution Fans Will Love

Tennis fans and green business advocates alike should be fascinated by this story of the re-purposed tennis ball. It may take some time to get used to this unorthodox design. But then you'll definitely never see a bluetooth speaker the same way again.

Big Small Business Benefits of Going Green

5 Small Business Benefits of Going Green

If saving the environment isn't reason enough for your company to go green, here are some ways that being eco-friendly can really benefit your small business.

Plastic Bottle Cutter Shows Innovative Products Can Be Low Tech

You don't need a high tech product to make a huge impact with your business. All you really need is to provide a simple cost effective solution to a problem your customers need resolved. This tool certainly seems to check all the boxes.

Renewable Energy Group Acquires Imperial Renewables

Renewable Energy Group has agreed to purchase all the bio-diesel production abilities of Imperium Renewables. The $15 million acquisition could serve as a watershed moment for smaller ag businesses looking to monetize their waste as byproducts.

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