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Welcome to the Small Business Trends handmade business section. Here you will find business issues, legislation, marketing tips, the latest trends and other matters of interest to small business owners and managers in handmade and crafts businesses.

handmade items to sell

20 Handmade Items to Sell

If you're starting a craft business or stuck for ideas, here are some amazing handmade items to sell.

christmas crafts to make and sell

30 Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

Christmas crafts are a great way to boost your business during the holiday season. Here are some fantastic Christmas crafts to make and sell.

woodworking projects to sell

33 Woodworking Projects to Sell

Put those woodworking skills to good use by making products people want to buy. Here are 22 woodworking projects to sell in 2023.

things to sew and sell

105 Things to Sew and Sell

Looking for some things to sew and sell? Whether you’re looking to start a full time business or make some extra money, here are your best options.

jewelry to make and sell

Best Jewelry to Make and Sell

Where can I sell my handmade crafts locally? If you're a handmade business, selling local is a great idea. Here are the best places to sell your crafts locally so you can start to scale your business.

30 Best Candle Business Stores on Etsy

30 Best Candle Business Stores on Etsy

If you want a bright future, consider starting a candle business. Here are some of the best ones on Etsy to inspire both your creative and business sides.

how to start a craft business

How to Start a Craft Business

A craft business can be very profitable. This guide will take you through exactly how to start a craft business and make it successful.

sell crafts online

25 Places to Sell Crafts Online in 2024

Makers of homemade crafts, rejoice! There seems to be no shortage of places to sell handmade crafts online. Here are the best craft websites out there in 2023.