Professional cartoonist Mark Anderson, owner of Andertoons, brings readers a new business cartoon each week. He also adds the “backstory” about how he came up with the creative idea behind the cartoon.

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Identity Crisis Business Cartoon

Hello, My Name is … uh …

In all seriousness: Who you are may depend on what's expected of you at any given moment. Joking: He has stickers all over him.

Freelance On Your Own Time

When you're paying for a freelancer's services, you've got to keep them focused on your work.

Take My Survey Purty Please?

Inquiring minds like Ginger Kitty want to know what excites you and your employees when it comes to energy? Is it saving the environment? Is it cost savings? Do tell and enter for a chance to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards.

Okay, I’ll tell you!
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