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A Digital Picture Frame with a Non-Digital Benefit

I recently received an HP Df820 8″ Digital picture frame and I love it! I have to admit that I never really wanted a digital picture frame. My house has a rather European and Traditional décor, lots of antiques and a digital picture frame just didn’t seem to fit into any of

Voila – The New Logo

Selling to Small Businesses - old designYou may recall that a few months back I involved you all in a logo re-design project. The subject logo was for another site I have big

Holiday Marketing: A One Page Tip Sheet

Holiday marketing tipsFor your convenience, we have converted our recent article about unusual holiday marketing tips for small businesses into a one page tip sheet.  That way, you can easily print it out for future reference. 

You can grab the shorter one page Tip Sheet as a Word document here.

I’ve also embedded it in a Slideshare viewer (after the jump below). In the viewer it is 2 pages for some reason, but only one page when you download it. And if you use Slideshare to manage documents, you can also favorite it and save it there.