February 23, 2017

Product Reviews

Browse this section for professional product reviews of small business tech products, services, apps and resources to make running your business more efficient and effective. Have a suggestion for a product or service for us to review? Contact us.

Hiver Brings Shared Inboxes to Gmail for Better Collaboration

Hiver brings collaboration to the one place you probably spend a good portion of your day -- typically alone. That's your Gmail Inbox. Check out how Hiver does it and how it can benefit the way your small business works with others.

What is Edgar and How do I Use it For Social Media Management?

Much of your social media content may be going unnoticed by the majority of your social community. That's a whole lot of effort being invested without much in the way of return. Meet Edgar, the platform that tries to solve this problem in a very unique way.

Viraltag: A Visual Marketing Tool Review

Viraltag's features focus on visual marketing, a factor that sets the solution apart from the rest of the social media management solution pack.

Plonked: Search Engine That Means Business

If you're looking to build a stronger customer base, or perhaps you're looking for an angel investor for some seed money, then Plonked may be the search engine for you.

Workable: Automates The Hiring Process For Small Business

Workable uses a social media-like platform to streamline the HR process at your company. This includes the many steps it takes to hire a new employee. Workable integrates scheduling, HR-related chatter, and other tasks into a post-based format that includes members of your teams as the network.

What is Slack and How Do I Use It for My Team?

There are umpteen team collaboration tools available to small businesses that allow remote teams to work together. Slack may be one of the best. Here's how you can use it for your small business.

Nimble Ushers in the Age of CRM Automation

Nimble is a CRM tool that takes a lot of the grunt work out of building a customer database. As discovered in this review, it's a database that works to build itself and proves more than a little handy.

What is Canva and How Do I Use It For My Business?

Canva is one of the leaders in the DIY graphic design segment. It's chock full of features, presets, and stock images -- along with drag-and-drop functionality -- to make almost anyone a graphic design expert. Here's a guide on how to use it your small business's advantage right away.

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