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Browse this section for professional product reviews of small business tech products, services, apps and resources to make running your business more efficient and effective. Have a suggestion for a product or service for us to review? Contact us.

SureFire Social Focuses on Local Marketing Goals

SureFire Social Focuses on Local Marketing Goals

Local marketing remains a huge focus of small businesses. But thanks to technology, that marketing has become increasingly more sophisticated. The SureFire Dashboard is the latest example. Small Business Trends tech editor Matt Mansfield gives you the tour.

Sound Suite Lets You Market to Callers While on Hold

Sound Suite on hold messaging is a system designed to manage the content that callers hear while on hold. The platform includes a variety of music appropriate for different kinds of businesses.

Groove: Help Desk Software That Works Like Gmail

A lot of small business owners like the ease and simplicity of their Gmail dashboard. Well, Groove is like Gmail but for your company's help desk needs. And it's a platform built for all the members of your team to interact and handle problems together as they arise.

Hiver Brings Shared Inboxes to Gmail for Better Collaboration

Hiver brings collaboration to the one place you probably spend a good portion of your day -- typically alone. That's your Gmail Inbox. Check out how Hiver does it and how it can benefit the way your small business works with others.