May 28, 2017

Small Business Loans

If you’re seeking information on how to obtain a small business loan, or you’re seeking small business loan tips and advice, you’ve come to the right place. We even have a tool for you to determine what it takes to qualify for a small business loan. So be sure to use that to see how a lender will view your small business loan readiness.

The SBA Bank Loan Process

How to Apply for Small Business Loans Backed by the SBA

Thinking of applying for a small business loan backed by the Small Business Administration? You'll want to check out this guide on making sure you and your business are prepared when you eventually do go for that loan.

Finance Your Business

How to Get Lenders to Want to Finance Your Business

Want to get your small business some more capital to invest in its growth? There are several potential funding sources but don't make the mistakes that get most small businesses rejected.

The Secrets of the SBA Impact on Lending

For small businesses looking for capital through loans, they're finding prospects aren't that promising. So, what is the Small Business Administration's impact on the sluggish small business loan market.

Small Business Loan Approval Rates Surge

While small banks continue to turn away small business loan applicants, those seeking some more capital are contining to find better results at bigger banks and institutional lenders

Minority Businesses Struggling With Credit According to Experian Report

Minority owned businesses still struggle with credit issues when compared with small businesses in general. Experian provides additional detail about the state of business credit -- especially where it regards minority business owners. Here's more from the report.

$4.5 M in Loans Available to Women Entrepreneurs From Kiva

The microfinance platform Kiva is launching an initiative to get women entrepreneurs worldwide more access to capital. As little as $25 can be contributed through Kiva Her to help female entrepreneurs get the money they need.

Top 15 Small Business Loan Mistakes You Can Make

Your small business is ready to grow or maybe it's just starting out and you need to approval of a bank's loan officer to get moving on those big plans. Don't make these rookie mistakes ahead of applying for a loan.

Looking for templates, checklists or guides? The Small Business Resource Center has them!

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