May 24, 2017

Small Business News

Holiday Returns Reach Record Levels, McDonald’s Offers Uber Delivery and More

This week, we we learned that the leading ecommerce site recorded its best holiday shopping season to date. At the same time, one of the country's biggest shipping outfits said it processed a record number of returns. More on what this means for you in this week's small business news and information roundup.

Facebook Launches Live Video Chat, Pinterest Introduces Trending Topics

For a lot of people, they're glad to see 2016 ride off into the sunset. But these companies were working right up until the ball dropped and the clock struck midnight. Check out what was happening this week in the final small business news and information roundup for 2016.

Small Business News From Twitter, Kickstarter and More

Mobile Twitter users just got another way of broadcasting live to their audiences. Twitter and a host of other companies are making headlines in this the penultimate small business news and information roundup for 2016.

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