February 22, 2017

Small Business News

Top Stories: Pinterest, Kickstarter Reveal New Features

One of these leading platforms has introduced video to its advertising mix. The other is experimenting with features that may give users a more social experience. Read these and more of the top news stories for small business owners this week.

In the News: Instagram Stories Launches, Blab Shuts Down

This week Instagram introduced a new feature that gives it a feel not unlike another up-and-coming social network. Get more on Instagram Stories and more in this week's small business news and information roundup.

In the News: Twitter, Snapchat Unveil New Features

Twitter's giving everyone a chance to get a Verified Account on the social media site, an icon once reserved for the who's who of the site. Now you may be one of the whos, too. Check out this and other developments in this week's small business news and information roundup.

eBay Prepares for Post-PayPal World, Institutional Lenders Bounce Back

eBay is making headlines this week in a few ways. The company is making further steps in the post-PayPal world for it and it continues to help its sellers with a new podcast. Check out these and other news stories from this week's news and information roundup.

Community Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

As more and more virtual customers encounter your business, they've pretty much got your online reputation on which to judge you, your company, and your products. So, protecting your online reputation is paramount today. Luckily, members of our small business community have plenty of advice on how to get positive reviews and feedback from customers.

Xero, Shopify and More Make Financial Announcements

Four companies announced two big partnerships this week. Wells Fargo and Xero are teaming up to help small businesses and Shopify and Apple are working together to help ecommerce entrepreneurs, too. Read more headlines in this week's small business news and information roundup.

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